Confession: I’ve never made mussels at home before and I was very nervous how this was going to turn out. I was pleasantly surprised how easy and incredibly tasty these were, and to top it off, they’re pretty darn healthy. I picked up my mussels at Whole Foods, they cost me a total of $1.50, yes you read that right! I thought it was some sort of mistake, but they sold it by the pound and not per mussel. Because the husband is allergic to shellfish, I halved this recipe and it turned out perfectly....more

Mussels Steamed in a Dijon Mustard Cream Sauce (Mussels Dijonnaise)

I was watching French Food at home by Laura Calder and became inspired to make steamed mussels which is weird because she was making lentil soup but I digress. This dish comes together in under 10 minutes but would easily impress at any dinner party. ...more

Chilean Sea Bass With Orange-Coconut Sauce And Mussels

Chilean Sea Bass With Orange-Coconut Sauce And MusselsLeave a reply...more

Stuffed Mussels with Serrano Ham, Spinach & Garlic Aioli: An Elegant Holiday Appetizer

It usually takes me a week or so after Thanksgiving passes (an intermission), before I am ready to start hearing Christmas music on the radio, and get into the spirit of the season. I need the time to transition from pumpkins to holly....more

Bouillabaisse, A Provincial French Seafood Stew

Quite a few years ago when we were traveling through France, we happened to spend a few hours in Marseille.  Unfortunately we spent our time in the train station in sweltering heat waiting for the TGV.This had been the last leg of our trip through the south of France, we had just spent a few day in Nice and had begun our way back with a stop in Aix en Provence.  What a perfect city, we had stayed on the Cours Mirabeau where as the guide books stated was the place to be while in Aix. That turned out to be a good thing and a bad thing.  As we walked to our hotel we were swept away by the beauty of the city, its little cafes and tree lined streets, its many fountains and of course the footsteps of Cezanne.......we were in love and in love with the city...sigh....more

Mussels in Spicy Thai Coconut Broth

Mother Nature has decided that Winter gets to have one last blow at us before Spring can take over again.  This change in the weather, combined with a stint baby-sitting my nieces and nephews, prompted a return of the cold I'd had back in November....more

Paella, Because I'm Just Mad About Saffron!

 I remember the first time I had Paella it was on a school trip to New York, so long ago that it is just a faded memory.  Spanish class had taken a field trip and lunch was at a Spanish restaurant where we sampled Paella.  Through the years I had Paella when ever I found it on a menu, but it wasn't until a trip to Nice that I really learned to appreciate the dish. ...more

The Cultured Mussel

Culinary one-upmanship ...more