Is that a Magic Stick in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Can I stuff your stocking with my Magic Stick?Why don't you bring that Magic Stick over here and...charge me up? Wait wait wait, this is starting off in a whole other place than I wanted to be.Sorry.Ahem. Okay, so I got this Magicstick to review from Powerocks USA. It's a portable charger, and......more

SanDisk Wireless Media Drive, Streaming and Sharing

When we first read about the SanDisk Wireless Media Drive, two things came to mind.  The first was that I might be able to rescue my tablet from a treasure trove of kids shows.  The second was the idea of a peaceful car ride to Grandma‚Äôs house across the state....more
A RavPower 5-in-1 filehub is so much better than this one.more