Finding Beauty In Self-Care

As I grow older and busier, I realized that I tend to prioritize obligations so much that I forget about myself. I skip lunch because I want to finish up an assignment. I eschew a fun board game night or table tennis meet-up because I think I should be taking pictures of products. I bought a bento cookbook, an introduction guide to calligraphy, and printed out Japanese hiragana and katakana lists to refamiliarize myself with the language, but I haven't touched a single one....more
I'm a very emotional person, which I am trying to work on. I know from experience that when I'm ...more

Beautiful Moments Every Day

Sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in the traditional idea of beauty in this new digital age we live in. I find myself constantly inspired by beautiful images online and in magazines, picture-perfect women with flawless skin and enviable outfits. ...more
I just love that you take the time to do things for yourself to enjoy yourself.  I, too, work ...more