My First Post At BlogHer

I somehow thought that blog her was about pulling feeds of blogs into. So I haven't written anything here earlier. I need to look around more and get familiar with how things work.Anyhow, I will be spending more time here from now on :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Armi Niemihttp://www.armiexpress.com
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Taking the Dive

I've maintained a website for our farm for three years but I'd like to become more scheduled about writing posts and perhaps expand on the blog portion of it. This is kind of a test because I want to participate in NaBloPoMo, and if I can successfully do a post each day for the month, I think it will give me a foundation to decide if I want to go ahead with my own project and vision, or not.I took this same approach with photography almost two years ago when I participated in a 365 project. There were a few gaps in it but the goals I set were:...more
Welcome! I hope you reach all of your goals with NaBloPoMo!more

My one year blogoversary!

One year ago I published my first post on my blog My Life in Sweden, yay! And yikes how quickly time flies by! But I'm so glad I decided to start my blog, and even more glad that I still love working on it. Because I was a bit afraid I'd lose interest in it eventually.Full post at -->