Epilogue to "My Son Is Gay" Post: Adult Bullying Within My Church

Let me be very clear, this is not a manifesto against organized religion, church, Christianity, its various denominations, etc. This is about a singular event, the repercussions it has had on me and my family, and the fact that bullying can come from just about anywhere. If you are unfamiliar with this blog or need a refresher, I encourage you to go back and read this post, My Son Is Gay. ...more

(INTERVIEW) Nerdy Apple Bottom: 44k Comments, CNN and One Viral Post

Nerdy Apple Bottom wrote a post. About her son. As many parenting bloggers are wont to do. And she posted it on her blog as well as BlogHer, and 44,000+ comments later, people are still talking about her son's Daphne costume. Except now that it is on CNN, Forbes, and the newspapers around the country, the discussion is no longer about whether or not her son should wear a Daphne costume to school for Halloween, but has crossed the line into critiquing Nerdy Apple Bottom's parenting in general. ...more

Not viral, by any means, but when my blog got a surprise (to me) spot on the NY Times website, I ...more