Backup Your Social Media Content Because Even Big Sites Close Down

Sites come and go; they're sort of like friendships in that way. There are the ones that are such an enormous part of our lives that we can't imagine waking up one day and not having them there. There are others that we like well enough, or they fit us during a certain point in our life, but later on, we realize that we haven't visited them in months and we really don't miss them either, even though there are no hard feelings. Sometimes the user needs the site and lives in fear of it disappearing. Other times, the feelings aren't quite mutual and while the site wants us to stick around, we really don't want to invest our energy in that relationship anymore. We need sites. But they also need us. ...more
What a great reminder that it's important to back up much more than just our blogs!more

Kiki's Courage

When should parental concern overrule internet fame, money-making ability and childlike dreams of grandeur?  Where's the line between understandable public outrage and victim blaming?  Who is at fault for the life Kiki Kannibal is living and does fault matter here?In the new issue of Rolling Stone, Sabrina Rubin Erdely outlines in detail the life of 18-year-old Kirsten Ostrenga, starting at age 13, when the child created a MySpace page, dressed up in provocative scene-queen outfits and amassed a following of tens of thousands....more
In order to protect my children they are not allowed on any social websites. They are both boys ...more

Don’t Take It Personally: Tips for Making Social Media Sites Secure Places

Don’t Take It Personally: Tips for Making Social Media Sites Secure Places Bad Attitude I've been in a snit for the last several days, which by definit...more

Our Comfortable Connection: The Information You Post Online Could Be Used Against You

Minnesota Snow Storm On Saturday morning, we awoke to a snow storm; our first snow of the season. This is not an unexpected event in Minnesota....more

Oh, Does It Look Easy?

Now I hate to hear people whine and complain as much as the next person but being a mom aint easy. Being a single mom is even more stressful, although being a mom in a bad marriage sounds worse. It's six of one, half dozen of the other.   ...more

Online Networking: How to Do it Well

In the years since the major online networking sites were launched Twitter (2006), Facebook (2004), and LinkedIn (2003), online networking has made the shift from fad to integral part of the day for many people. It is now at the heart of so many things we do -- job hunting, promoting our businesses, creating personal connections, and keeping us informed on breaking news to product research. So, how do you "do" the online networking thing well? ...more
You have some very vivid points! Social networks are shaped by the people that use them and I ...more

Just Google It!

I am so excited about meeting Laila tomorrow. We have been told all about her by the social worker but we still haven't seen her. Well, that isn't entirely true. We have seen a picture of her but it wasn't from DHR. I simply put her full name, in quotes, into google and did a search. Sure enough, I got 3 hits. All of them were pictures of Laila. I was pretty surprised to find a picture because it is actually illegal to post pictures or identifying information about foster children....more

I don't feel like doing anything

I have tons to do and don't feel like doing anything. Yesterday with my grandma really wiped me out. They are going to be transferring her to another hospital tonight. It is probably for the best and she is going to get a second opinion when she get's there since we are not happy with the surgeon she had. I did talk to my boyfriend. I broke down and called him but figured it was important to tell him what was going on even if I just left a message. But, he did answer and we talked for a while. I knew he was just really busy and so have I....more

MySpace and Facebook: How Racist Language Frames Social Media (and Why You Should Care)

Every time I dare to talk about race or class and MySpace & Facebook in the same breath, a public explosion happens. This is the current state of things.  Unfortunately, most folks who enter the fray prefer to reject the notion that race/class shape social media or that social media reflects bigoted attitudes than seriously address what's at stake.  Yet, look around. Twitter is flush with racist language in response to the active participation of blacks on the site. Comments on YouTube expose deep-seated bigotry in uncountable ways. The n-word is everyday vernacular in MMORPGs. In short, racism and classism permeates every genre of social media out there, reflecting the everyday attitudes of people that go well beyond social media. So why can't we talk about it? ...more
I'd say sexism and sexual orientation prejudice are more common and more problematic in current ...more

Status Updates: The fun and easy way for a blog post

Have you ever taken a minute to look through all your updates on sites like Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace? They can tell you (and others) a lot about how you spend your day. This can lead to some really fun intereting blog posts such as "Those Middle of the Night Facebook Updates" and my current post which is a collection of status updates that describe the way each day went....more