Is There Anybody Out There Part II

I've learned a painful life lesson today. Always, always know where the undo button is on your computer. If you don't, you could lose all your work, maybe even your latest blog entry, honed with blood, sweat and tea late into the night.   ...more

Cameron- I'm commenting just to let you know your blog is still being read all these months ...more

Generation MySpace

Point and click... Upload, download... Chat, search engine, e-mail... ...more

Hi, I'm Julie, and I'm a Glutton for Stress

I realized today that human beings are gluttons for stress and anxiety. Namely, artists, but I would venture to say this is pretty universal. I doubt this is new information for anyone, I'm just trying to process the idea. Take for instance, web 2.0. In some ways it creates quicker productivity, connectedness, community, etc. But all of those things come at the price of anxiety. How often we apologize for things that never used to exist: "Sorry I've been a slacker lately with blogging..." ...more

Love this topic.  I stress over this everyday. I try and keep up with how many places I have ...more

"MySpace Mom" Lori Drew Indicted on Four Counts

Yesterday, federal prosecutors indicted Lori Drew (the "MySpace Mom") on four counts, including "one count of conspiracy and three counts of accessing protected computers without authorization to get information used to inflict emotional distress on the girl" (CNN):  ...more

its pretty cruel yes.  but she was 13, not 5.  she had her problems and if she was that ...more

Hello BlogHer World

Hello Blogher, ...more

In the Career World, Much Depends on Who You Know

Networking is one of the most important things you'll ever do for your career. Even when you love what you do, you should continue to widen your professional pool of contacts, including friends, colleagues, bosses, family. ...more

Why Social Networking Sites Make Me Nervous

I feel as if I have dipped my foot into the pool of most of the social networking sites out there. I had a brief tryst with friendster, myspace, & twitter. I had a love-hate relationship with facebook. However, now I have reached the point where I shed these websites & managed to delete my accounts. Why? Most of them are seemingly innocuous. ...more

I think the sites that emphasize having a large friends list over other things have the wrong ...more

Being A "Good Adult" On The Internet

So someone posed a question on snapvine about how to be a "good adult" on the internet, and I wanted to talk about it here. She had an idea that every adult on the internet should... cyber-adopt [?] every kid they come across to give them advice on how to stay safe on the internet. I personally don't like that. I'm not anyone's parent so why should I have to act like one when I get on the internet? ...more

Grown Folks Doing Childish Things

My snapvine blog about this story here are a few blogs I've read about it tonight: Bluemerle has something to say The Chicago Tribune's write up ...more