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Review: I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You, by Ally Carter

I keep finding myself daydreaming about turning back time and enrolling into spy school instead of high school.  I’m pretty sure I would have been awesome at that.  I also loved the pop culture references.  Especially the Buffy and Spike ones.  And I loved the sisterhood among the girls at the academy.  The love interest was cute (if not particularly spectacular) and its always fun to go on the first love journey with a new character. ...more The Babysitter's Club are pretty awesome books! I used to LOVE those. This ...more

Family Mysteries

Do you have a connection to your family that brings a mystery with it? Find out about one such person from my family's past. Sounds suspenseful, doesn't it?In many ways it was and is, because so many answers will never rise to the top to cap one man's mysterious past and how it connected him with the family.Claudsy's Blog tells of Paul, a farmhand who lived with my grandparents throughout my childhood, a man who lived as family but wasn't.Go to: and discover a few strands of mystery. Claudsy...more

Book Country: How to Share That Book in You

As we've been planning and discussing BlogHer Writers '11 (presented by Penguin Publishing in New York City on October 21), we've been asking, "Do you have a book in you?" If you're a genre fiction writer, your life just got easier -- I had a chance to talk to Molly Barton, VP Digital Publishing, Business Development & Strategy at Penguin Publishing and president of Book Country, a community for genre fiction writers (if you're confused by that term, think categories like mystery, sci-fi, romance, thriller) that could vault your novel to new heights. ...more
I love their genre map. I could play with it all day.more

Interview: Tana French, Author of Faithful Place

I've been enchanted with Tana French's Dublin-set police novels since I read the first word of The Likeness, her second novel. Upon reading the last word I instantly downloaded and devoured her first, In The Woods -- and preordered her latest, Faithful Place. I love her focus on a different protagonist in each book -- each character an exploration of identity and the things that change a life for good....more

Tana French's Faithful Place: Mystery, Love Story, Family Drama

I started reading Tana French's Faithful Place on a plane. My body might have been flying high up above the Canadian shield, but my head was in Dublin. I got a bit cranky when the plane touched down, forcing me back into reality, and I still had about one-third of it left to read. After getting to the hotel, I curled up in bed and stayed up until after midnight to finish it. I had forgotten how delicious a mystery can be. ...more
@Carmen S I'm glad you enjoyed it. I really need to read her other books.more

Sam Dawson: And Megan the Teletubby

Looks like you might need some more time before you're ready to jump in and choose an alternative ending.  Here's some more story while we patiently wait!Chapter 4 (con't)...more

Sam Dawson: Want to try an experiment?

So, if you've been reading any of the earlier posts, you know that this blog is a novel in progress.  Actually it's a novel already done and soon to be available via Smashwords: Samantha Dawson and the Mystery of the Apple....more
Can't wait to see what you have to suggest. I'll work with anything you give me!more