Top Five Debunked Fitness Myths

You’ve heard it all before; eat before you work out or this pill burns fat while you sit on the couch. Only eat raw protein before you run so you’ll get the after effects of a continuous inner muscle burn. And always drink a post-exercise shake or it will have all been for nothing.  There are times where trying to figure out the fitness fact from fiction is harder than an uphill marathon. Let’s clear the air and get you back on the path to seeing the results you’re after....more

Myths & Misconceptions About Hemorrhoids

Affecting the anal area, Hemorrhoids, more commonly known as Piles, are the swollen or inflamed veins (blood vessels) around this almost unseen body area, which are both embarrassing and an inconvenient location of the body to be affected. The disease is thoroughly noted to affect the vascular structures, which cushions in the removal of the stool. The condition accompanies itself with itching, burning, pain and bleeding that rapidly restricts the normal bodily movements of the individual and the quality of life seems to decline of those suffering from it....more

Debunking the WHOLE GRAIN Myth

My name is Beth, and I eat white rice. White Bread. And – sometimes – cookies!(Altogether: Hi, Beth!)I’m asked all the time how I get away with eating processed grains. They see my pics of food on IG, or Facebook and can’t believe it when they see white rice on my plate....more
JDM3 " sustainability without whole grains..." Please explain how the Inuit people of the ...more

Famous Last Words: The Things We Say Before We Are Parents

Before a person has children, it’s easy to pass judgement. And then you have them. It slowly dawns on you that you had absolutely no idea what it meant to be a parent and raise a child. Rather than feeling foolish for all of those bold statements I made about parenthood before joining the club, I’m embracing my naivety and sharing them with you. ...more
Cracking up!!!!!  Thanks so much for sharing.  And yep--overpriced hot chocolate with whipped ...more

7 Myths about your brain

I saw this when I logged in this morning. It's a piece on "7 Myths About the Brain That You Probably Believe": include:Myth #1: Listening to classical music makes you smarter.Truth: There's no proof of this, though there is a link between "arts/music and smarts." Myth #2: You only use 10% of your brain.Truth: You use 100% - just not all at once....more

The Other Side, Parents vs. Nannies

A great friend of mine is a nanny. Strong and sure, she sometimes gets some flack from the parenting community. Posts like this kind of point toward why. But, you'll see, it's all mostly misunderstanding.So, on behalf of's the other side....more

What they don't tell you about being pregnant

Your boobs will grow to be the size of your head.  Not just big, but literally the size of your head.  Barely four months into my pregnancy and my cup already runneth over.  I am spilling out of my C cups and officially just became a D student however; I don’t see that lasting very long.  At some point, I’ll just start duct taping these puppies in place.  I imagine that while maybe more painful, it’s probably a helluva lot cheaper than buying new bras every month.  I was under the impression that there would be t...more
Pee your pants, why yes that's just fabulous.  While pregnant with my son (who it turned out was ...more

Dispelling the "Dirty Dozen" Myths About Life Insurance

Let’s face it…life insurance can be scary and daunting for many people.  Who wants to think about death and dying.. or what tomorrow’s uncertain future will bring? Well, guess what… you can’t run away from reality… get out of denial and start facing facts.Denial is why the Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education (LIFE), found that 40% of adults in the U.S. have no life insurance....more

What Bisexuality Is Not

I'm not entirely sure how to start this topic so I'll just say flat out: I'm a bisexual woman. For me this means I enjoy emotional and physical relationships with men and women alike. Let me tell you what, for me, this doesn't mean:It does not mean I'm confused about my sexuality.It does not mean I like 'playing gay' to turn men on.It does not mean I'm promiscuous.It does not mean I haven't found the right man or woman to turn me definitively one way or the other....more
 @scooterbus you made this worthwhile for me. thank you so much for sharing and many well wishes ...more

You're So Wrong! Food Myths and Misconceptions

Adding salt won't make the water boil any faster, you can take mayonnaise on a picnic, and go ahead and swallow that gum—it doesn't take any longer to digest than anything else you might eat.Let's face it, sometimes common wisdom isn't all that wise. Then there are those infernal enemies of truth—of course I'm speaking of tweets, like buttons, and repostings. They carry the misinformation to the masses, and the next thing you know you've got yourself a new food mythology....more