What Rachel Dolezal Can Teach Us about Privilege

Acting Black vs. Acting WhiteOver the past few days, the media have released a flurry of reports that Rachel Dolezal, the former president of the NAACP, fudged her entire racial history.  While she presents as black and claims she is black, both of her biological parents are German and Czech—in other words, white.Read the whole story here....more

What's so funny

I probably shouldn’t speak too soon, but I’m glad that the Rachel Dolezal Memes, jokes and other foolery surrounding her race is nearing an end. As much as I tried to ignore the post, it wasn’t a case of blocking someone who made a post; as it all went viral and was in the face of just about anyone who uses the internet as a source of connecting to the world....more

Rachel Dolezal Used Her White Privilege To Get What She Wants As A Black Woman

Everyone seems to be laughing at Rachel Dolezal right now. But me, not so much....more
gail89gail I am  not giving her credit for anything. Nor did I. I referred to her as a liar to ...more

Not For Size For Substance “The Best NAACP Meeting In 103 Years” The Affordable Health Act

Not For Size For Substance “The Best NAACP Meeting In 103 Years” The Affordable Health Act NyTimes & Hybrid Medical Media spent this week at the 103rd Annual NAACP Meeting in Houston Texas to ask the question, Now that The Affordable Health Act has cleared the Supreme Court how will act effect the people that support the NAACP. For the purpose of the article and easy math lest say that in 2010 there are one million Doctors office in the USA and lest also say that there where two million patients that visited the one million Doctors offices. Now that the Affordable Act has...more
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Update: Troy Davis Executed 4 Hours After Original Schedule

Editor's update: Amy Goodman at Democracy Now reports that Troy Davis was executed at 11:08PM Eastern Time, after the the U.S. Supreme Court refused to stay the execution for Troy Davis about a half an hour earlier. #RIPTroyDavis was the top trending topic on Twitter following the announcement that the stay had been denied....more
We call this "the information age" because we all have nearly unlimited access whenever we want ...more

Oh, Dakota.

That is how I feel every day. ...more

Will.i.am asks "Who are the colored people" in NAACP?

In order to transcend 'RACE', we have to go deeply into how we see the millions of different 'types' of people on the planet. Racism goes against science: we are so truly alike that the amount of DNA responsible for skin color difference is something like one millionth of a strand, even though we act as though its 1/2 a strand.  We act as though skin color MEANS SOMETHING and has a significant impact on WHO WE ARE. It is time for a larger vision, since we are all one human tribe, one human family. ...more