Pie Birds, Slicers, Gates, Shields, and Other Pie Accessories

I did not get into this project for the pie bling, but the more you make pie, the more you encounter interesting solutions to problems unique to pie -- no surprise, because pie can be so very problematic. I've run down a few of them for your edification: Problem: Puffy Crust. Possible Solution: Pie Weights ...more

How Do You Transport a Pie?

I have a dilemma. Two, actually. I have an office full of people hungry for pie. And a house full of two people who are decidedly NOT hungry for pie. And two cats who have so far not shown a taste for the stuff (not even the salmon pie -- color me surprised). But I take the bus to the train to the shuttle into work. And I can barely transport a pie from the oven to the counter. ...more

Hi Julie! We think we may have a solution to your “cooked pie conundrum”. To adhere to TSA’s ...more

Election Day: Which Pie Gets Your Vote, Sweet Potato or Pumpkin?

Today's an important day. Today, in the U.S., we vote. We're voting on a lot of things, and one thing's for sure -- politics can get weird. So today I'm bringing it back to the real issues. The things that matter. The Issues Explained ...more

I hate to say it but I don't think that I have ever had Sweet Potato Pie! My family is composed ...more