What nightlife means to me

My first ever safari was the ...more

Let there be light

(NaBloPoMo Day 9)...more

Time is on our side

But first.... Lemme take a selfie!!!

      I'm not going to even acknowledge how long it has been since I wrote a blog post....more

Very Sincere

Today's prompt is Most news reporters on television have a sign off statement. What would be your sign off statement and why?Anna Akana is actually really nice and probably a good person but she has actually changed her sign off from Stay Awesome Gotham...more

Prompted to Overload

Today's Blogher #NaBloPoMo prompt is :Are bloggers journalists? Why or why not? If they are journalists, should they be held to journalistic standards? Why or why not? Um, forgive me but this is like four questions not one prompt. I think today's prompt is overreaching a bit and a little more recycled. ...more
This question will be debated for a long time to come. Journalists say bloggers are diluting the ...more

Subject Matter Matters

I can not remember the best one but I remember many ...so I will cheat here and list them for you...more

Maybe use a Pink Pen?

So today's prompt is :At BlogHer University, we're creating a mini journalism school this month. Why (or why not) do you think women make good journalists?While I can point out several women journalist have made headway and been points of contention in the past. I will make this one a simple answer...A pen, keyboard, or pencil doesn't care what sex you are when you are writing or typing. ...more

3 point turn

For today's Blogher NaBloPoMo Look back at history and choose the point in time that you think was a turning point to gaining equality between men and women...more

Would you like a cup of coffee?

In effort to meet the opportunity to open up my blogspace for Blogher NaBloPoMo as a conversation on my blog I would be remiss not to start this on Twitter too. So from 6pm to 7pm PST today my twitter handle @SwimPatricia will also continue this topic of :Women and Coffee I admit its not very original but, I will promptly place myself at a coffee shop to go over some previous noted thoughts:...more
BlondewithSilver that is interesting given the iconic versions portrayed in movies and tv.more