Peanuts Lessons

 Peanuts, it seems, are all the rage once more. All week long I watched as my Facebook friends created a Peanuts inspired profile picture. What is a Peanuts fan to do, but also to create an image of themselves in cartoon fashion. On November 6, 2015 the new Peanuts movie will be released for old fans and new to take in....more

Simplicity Lessons

Earlier this summer, I was gifted a copy of Simple Abundance, by Sarah Ban Breathnach....more

Teamwork Lessons

Light Lessons

 There are times in life that require some pause.There is news that hits too close to home.There is a darkness that does it's best to remove all memory we have of the light. ...more

Love Lessons

Today was full of familiar songs, joyful clowns (literally), parish fellowship and an afternoon of witnessing the hands-on caring of people at a funeral home visitation for a church family. It's hard on these kinds of days to be apart from loved ones. I see families assembled. I hear their stories and laughter. I feel the closeness of this space and long for my family, their stories and hearing their laughter. But just yesterday I heard their laughter in my ears.It was just a moment ago....more

Pie Lessons

Pieces of pie - lemon meringue.Coffee in cups piping hot for a damp day.Shadows of sorrow put out to the warmth,of clinking spoons, children's laughter, and smiles adorned. Bowls of chowder.People fed.This lesson was worthy of rolling out of a Saturday bed. ...more

Blinking lessons

One of my favorite villains from Dr. Who are called the Weeping Angels. They are an alien force that takes the form of statues. When you are looking at them they can't move, but once you look away they can move with great speed and strength. If they do touch you they shift you to a different time and space. All that was once normal is all gone. You start over where you are placed in a new space and time. The best defense against the attack of a weeping angel is this, "Don't blink"....more

Singing lessons

I've recently met a gentleman that loves to sing. His enthusiasm and energy is contagious. Now I've been singing for almost my whole life. I recall memorizing all the songs from a TV program on PBS called, The Song Bag, with host Tony Saletan....more

Poetry lessons

Mrs. H was an old fashioned teacher who wore her hair in a tight bun and a blouse that buttoned up high that was always finished off by a sparkly, but not too sparkly, brooch. When I met her the first day of fourth grade I was afraid of her sternness and her long homework assignments. We were given an assignment to write a poem about our favorite color and to my great relief the writing came to me quickly. The next morning, I was so excited to share my poem with her. When I handed it in, her reply was curt."You did NOT write this."...more

Vocation lessons

On Sunday morning I shared one of my favorite quotes in my sermon. The quote comes from a book written by Parker Palmer called, Let your life speak....more