Having just read CHILDLESS AND LOVING IT (not the real name, but, I hope, the intent) I too, am also without kiddies and without husbands or divorces.And I'm 57 years old, pretty much loving it (wrinkles I could do without as with arthritis) and I feel fairly accomplished about never married, and no children.   Yes, I've been pregnant.  So, I've just made some, if not enemies than emphatic disagree'ers..Now maybe that po' me stuff- the AADs and nearsightedness - makes it okay to just tell the good stuff I got in the birth package without undo modesty....more

Favorite Joke - NaBloPoMo July

I love jokes and it would be pretty hard to come up with just one favorite. Usually they involve funny voices, hand gestures and impersonations, so don't necessarily translate well written down. I remembered one from high school that I thought was pretty funny so I'll tell you that one. A fighter pilot is flying over enemy lines when he is shot down and captured. He is badly injured and his captors are forced to amputate his leg. He begs them, "Please!...more