No P roblem

one of the few things that I look forward to on the weekend is my Sunday visit to the local farmer’s market. this market is not your run-of-the-mill super-mega-gigunda market. it’s your good old-fashioned country market where you’re greeted at the door by a local farmer and the aroma of seasonal fruit. a country market where there is a free cup of warm apple cider to cut the chill of a  blustery winter.  and...more

The Post I Didn't Want to Write

BlogHer has a list of writing prompts to help you get through NaBloPoMo. I pretty much had a plan for this month, but I figured I would peruse it anyway because it’s BlogHer and I’m sure their ideas are a lot more interesting than mine. There it was, a gem: What post would you like to write but haven’t? Two automatically popped into my head. My husband knows one of them, and has strictly forbidden me to ever write about it as long as he lives. The other is more personal to me, but maybe getting it off my chest might help -- or, at the very least, help someone else. ...more
You are so amazing and strong for even writing this. My heart totally goes out to you. I am ...more

Take A Smile

 Happy Saturday!...more

Dear Husband: Please, Don't Help!

I’m a grateful woman, most of the time. There are times, though, when I can take people for granted, I’m human. I forget to say "Thank you" or I just don’t show my appreciation enough. Then, there are those times when I’m really ungrateful and unappreciative, but not because I’m evil; I just didn’t want the help.This letter is for husbands everywhere who help a little too much. Please feel free to copy and send to a "too helpful" husband you may know. ...more
mommabethyname Yep. I feel you on that one. I do all the packing anytime we've moved.more

NaBloPoMo - What I Will Change About Myself, Soon ~ Procrastination

Thursday Thought of the Day ~ If You Could Change One Thing About Yourself ~ NaBloPoMo prompt NaBloPoMo Prompt.If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? This prompt had me really stuck. You see, I find quotes about things I want to ...more

The Plague

I'm not talking about Bubonic or the Zombie disease, I mean Strep. Yeah, I got it and it sucks. I refuse to let the fever, chills, sore throat, headache and nasty on the verge of upchucking cough deter me from making my daily post for NaBloPoMo. When I say I'm going to do all 30 days, I mean it. Unfortunately, for you my reader, it means you're going to get one hell of a sucky blog post today. ...more