Finding Joy When it Doesn't Feel Easy

So, I've decided to take BlogHer's NaBloPoMo challenge for December and post every day. The theme this month is joy- fitting for the season, right? It just so happens that it is the word I have chosen as my mantra these last few months, in hopes of more than just getting through....more

Day 30 - At Last

There's always a little bit of a letdown at the end of the NaBloPoMo (national blog posting month) even though it's a bit of a blessing as well, because writing on a daily basis is hard.  I'm a bit of ...more


My father enjoys sitting in the dark.Sometimes he sits outside, but mostly he sits in the little TV and computer room that my parents made out of one of the spare bedrooms.  It may be late at night, but he keeps all the lights off.  I may see the glow of the television as I walk by; aside from the news shows, my Dad likes watching serials and movies about murders and gangsters and investigations, the bloodier the better.  The ones where the wife kills the husband (or vice-versa) seem to be his favorite....more

What I learned with NaBloPoMo 2014

I took part in NaBloPoMoBlahBlahBlah 2014 because I've been neglecting GingerSass for GayBrideGuide and I felt like my older blog-child was feeling the wrath of my accidental favoritism.Actually, it totally was.This past month, I learned that my sassy followers have actually missed my sass, and that they Google the weirdest shit....more

No Mo’ NaBloPoMo

Posted on November 30, 2014...more

Day 29 NaBloPoMo

Posted on November 29, 2014...more

When Help Doesn't Help

It is sorely disappointing when you've tried to help a person again and again, only to bemet with ingratitude in return.  Thisis particularly so when it is evident that your efforts appear to have done nothing to improve hislife. Of course, when you start down the road of helping a needy individual, it is difficult to know when to stop.  At whatpoint does largesse cease being charitable and begin being enabling? We had it out with Homeless Guy #1 the other day.  I don't regret that it happened; we said some things that have needed to be said for some time....more
patriciaappelquist Thanks so much for your comment, Patricia.  My wife and I are really big on ...more

ONE More Day #nablopomo

While there is no prompt for today it is still one more day for November #NaBloPoMoI thought I would share some my likes that I found on Blogher and some new people you may want to check out... Sweet Scarlet Shop has a few posts that relate to like Blog In One Year ...more

On <i>If</i> and <i>Whether</i>

Among the many quirks of the English language is the use of the conjunctions if and whether to make conditional statements.  While this is probably beyond boring to most of you, it holds a certain appeal to my nerdy proclivities....more

Holiday Cold

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