Time for a title

Sometimes I like to go backwards as in typing up my post before I put a title on it. Other times I will put up a title and work from there. Then the worst part is I will throw up a title and totally mislead the reader when typing up my blog posts....more

Look what I got...


One Lovely Blog Award

I’d like to start out this Thanksgiving week by giving thanks to fellow blogger Mindyminix for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award.  This is such an honor, Mindy, and I greatly appreciate your generosity....more

I don't like to cook, but I have to

For me, the largest struggle of adulthood has been feeding myself. I don’t enjoy cooking, I try to eat as many raw things as possible, and I eat out as much as I can afford to. However, I’ve come to the point where I have to admit that this is not fiscally responsible. And it’s not really healthy either. I do think I make healthy choices when I eat out, but it’s cold and flu season and as much as I trust the health department and general food worker, germs still happen....more

Grapes that go Sour

It is not that I do not find the value of participating in the month long blog post with Blogher....more

Day 6 No Linkback – Daily Post Prompt

Posted on November 23, 2014  In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Spinning Yarns, today...more

Social anxiety and the literary mind

 I’m blinking too much. My breathing is shallow. This is ridiculous. Why am I so scared? I can deliver lectures, I can give advice, offer ideas, lead discussions…perform on a stage… but right now I’m scared. So scared that I can hear my own pulse. So scared that I can’t feel my fingertips. So scared that I feel myself falling. Just keep paddling... Just keep paddling… duck on the pond… Calm on the surface…paddle-paddling beneath… Remember to breathe… ...more

Thanksgiving Memories

What is your earliest Thanksgiving memory?  Was Thanksgiving a big deal at your house when you were a kid?  It certainly was at ours.  And not always in a good way, I might add....more

Family Ties: Rain Forests Keep Fallin’ on My Head

First of all, isn’t rainforest one word? Secondly, it’s really cool that youngest child Jennifer wants to rid the family home of 80’s toxins. This was before we removed formaldehyde from our hair conditioners, people! But she doesn’t know how to accurately dispose of any of the waste.She forces Mallory to stop using her conditioner. The results are not pretty....more


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Grateful and Guilty.”Another link attempt using DP’s “instructions” (I’ve been linking for over a year it’s not like I don’t know what I’m doing.) Grateful and GuiltyPINGBACKS ARE NOT WORKING ON THE Daily Post Prompt…….. THIS IS A TEST………A-G-A-I-N!!...more