Write Army

Today's prompt is Friday, March 20, 2015 Would you ever want to be on the front lines, reporting from a conflict? Why or why not?...more

What is the story, not you

Today's prompt isTalk about your favorite woman journalist either from print media or television. Why do you respond to the way she tells a story?From Barbara Walters to Robin Roberts women in news journalism have worked hard since the beginning. While getting access for minorities to be reporting the news to being a news story in itself women have long been great at getting the job done. ...more
Powerful post!more

What Stresses out a female writer?

While today is an already stressful day the staff over at Blogher thought it would be AWESOME to ask for a response to the following prompt....What unique stresses do you think women writers experience?Let's see...the stress of being a vagina with a pen...let me count the examples away for you......more
MerlinsSerf Thanks I look forward to seeing tomorrowsmore

The problem with disappointment

You know how you take the time and effort to participate in an activity to explore another world but then reality sets in and you're like "What the frak?"So, like I would just be repeating posts here from the past week because you know I am like very disappointed in the great expectations and like zero results... First, let's get the recap started in case my sibling is reading this wondering if I am doing something naughty......more

What values most to you

Do you have a roof over your head? Even if you share a room in a house in the boondocks next to the lighthouse with a fog horn.Do you have food in your pantry? Yes, Top Ramen 36 pack does count.Do you have an education ? The online tutors on Youtube help a lot don't they?Do you have a job and transportation to it ? If you catch three buses and a train to get to your two part time jobs in the city and your commute is 3 hours each way....more

Stop the killing of Elephants for Terrorism

The Ivory of an Elephant tusks is the third largest illegally traded item in the World. Animals are slaughtered without mercy for their humane value but for the product in which they produce that humans purchase.WE MUST STOP THISJust watch it first http://youtu.be/OHAGlPA8c38?t=1s...more

31 Days, 32 Revelations: A Little Bit of Faith

 Series Introduction...more

Move along, nothing to see here, she is just fine

Today's Blogher NaBloPoMo is a Press ReleaseAs we've been seeing from the #womenslives initiative, all of our lives are newsworthy. Write a press release covering things you've accomplished in the last five years.Last Five Years...eeck. Alrighty, here is my fake press release ...do not hold your breath.. ***********For Immediate ReleaseFor more information contact:...more

Body Shaming Must Stop

It is a sad day when you realize body shaming has become part of daily life.  I spend part of every morning reading the news. Somewhere along the way, I started noticing daily articles talking about this woman being called “too fat” or another called “too skinny”....more

Time of our lives

Today's Blogher #NaBloPoMo isDo you think we are currently living in a good time for women in history? Will we look back at this time period in the future and say that there was equality? No. Period. No. Geraldine Ferraro ran as Vice President in 1984 that was ground breaking but yet a woman still didn't earn as much as a man.Hilary Clinton ran for President in 2008 that was not ground breaking as it was a stark reality of how far women have come in just over 22 years....more
patriciaappelquist diaryinparadise  Right?  I know that women have the potential to be amazing ...more