Living Large on Social Media!

Guilty as charged! I love looking at Pictures on Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr and so on….Although, I can’t stand the awful picture of me here and there and everywhere, I prefer to upload more pictures of my family than of me.  Talk about a crappy picture? But, since I load the pictures I thought I would share the one above, my husband nailed me,  sneaky guy!!...more
Hey there, Lucy! LOVE the photos. I'm that way as well. I love photos, don't care WHO is the ...more

Counting Hats!

“Oh, What a pretty outfit!”“Thanks!”  I said with a satisfied smile“Would like our packet on  how to style scarves?” The sales lady asked tentatively“That would be great, I never can get the scarf the same way you guys do in the store.”  And I laughed.  Little does she know how true that statement is.  I always take the scarf home and try to slip it over my head ever so gently as to not mess up their tying and knotting....more
 @JourneyofLife We lost the camera and I am patiently waiting for my son to email me the Easter ...more

Saturday Funnies XXII

Let’s Laugh!  I love to take it easy on Saturday.  Below is a video, it is a little over 4 minutes.   Jim Gaffigan gets you giggling about the Traditions of several of our American Holidays!  Enjoy!!Have an Easter Joke?  Please share it!!Did you like the video? Any part your favorite?  I laughed even harder when he did the kitty and the Valentine Candy!...more
 @HomeRearedChef That is too funny, I had never seen this guy, just found him on youtube, glad ...more

Check Out my Application For Producing the Morning Shows,Thumbs Up?

I’m a producer! Yeah, didn’t you know? OK, so maybe in my head! But, let me tell you, I know I can fix the morning shows.  And,Yes, they need a huge fix!!Good Morning America, The Today Show and what is the other one?? CBS This Morning, that is it!  They all suck....more
 @@BehavioralChild Oh, letting it out is a good thing, you get it out of your system and then ...more

Helicopter Parents, You're Damaging Your Kids! Stop Hovering!

Helicopter parents constantly justify their actions, and they typically "yell" loudest at parents who condemn. Typically, their defenses for their actions are, “I will do anything to give my child a leg up, what is wrong with that?,” and “I have to have my child’s back.” Or, “I rather be over involved that not involved.” No one is suggesting not to be involved, the suggestion is "backing off." It is sad, these helicopter parents have no idea the actual damage they are doing to their children. What does smothering do? It kills!...more
Thanks for the post! I have actually been begging my friends to stop hovering over their ...more

Obamacare has me Craving Vicodin!

I have a question? How do you feel about Obamacare and all the Healthcare brouhaha!?! Yeah, what a question!My head pounds,spins and hurts from all of it! I try to do my own research with limited biases. I see you laughing.It all seems like a nice idea.  “One for all and all for one! “...more
 @HomeRearedChef I know how you feel, seriously my head spins from all of it and I get so tired ...more

3 Hours

He claims it is 6:30am!No, can’t be, my body says 3:30am!!Go Away! Go Away Now!No, I don’t want coffee!Please for the love of God,Stop talking!Get that chipper tone Away from me!!I want my 3 hours back!“Here is your coffee dear, drink a lot”  accompanied with a big smile.Lucky me.I am thinking, ‘wish I had a gun’, lucky for him, I don’t!!!Oh and listen, do you hear that?The lightening sirens on the Golf course just blared!Yeah hooray!!Welcome home!...more
Well, I don't really travel where time is a factor, but I do hate our yearly change when we lose ...more

Gloria Steinmen would want to smack me, I just know it!

I was all tucked in bed.  I had soaked in my Jacuzzi tub; was nice and relaxed in my pink robe reading my new Mary Higgins Clark book, “I’ll Walk Alone” with the television on in the background.  My dog was snoring next to me in his little bed;yes dogs really snore.  I was close to dozing off and then every thing changed.  I heard a noise.  Actually, the noise  I heard was specific.  It sounded like someone walked right into the house....more
 @Lucy's Reality LOL! It was sitting on my desk and it was the first thing I ...more

The Never Ending Cycle of Bullying!

Music soothes!  Music inspires!  Music heals!  Music provides hope!...more
 @Kraken We are thankful that he is doing great and maybe someday with is permission I will tell ...more

April's Arrival - first NaBloPoMo poem

 April brings memories upon memories for me: Technicolor detail of the last week of one of my best friends’ life. Is it any wonder part of me wishes to sleep through it and wake up in May? Of course, I will be fine once this week is over, but that’s little consolation, as I have to get there first. April’s ArrivalFor some it arrives with hardly a whisperAnother month, the bringer of SpringFor me, it arrives well beforeAccompanied by a siren song...more