The Personal Reflections and Confession of a First Time Voter

Here is my confession… I am a 33 year old woman who has never voted. Gasp! I know. I know. It’s a sin and a shame. I’m sure many people would seek death by stoning as my punishment. Before casting your lot with them, please allow me explain. Growing up, there was never any talk about politics. I’m not entirely sure about how I know that my Grandmother (aka Gran, the woman who raised me most of my life) is a Democrat. It may have come up somewhere throughout the Clinton years possibly but that is the extent of my political knowledge relating to my family....more

Hunkering Down: NaBloPoMo

When I joined on November 24, 2011, NaBloPoMo November was almost over.It was not a problem keeping up with posting everyday, because I had just found this wonderful communithy and was full of posts to share.But, whoa! The discipline of doing it everyday for a whole thirty days or so, well, I don't know if I have it. I have never sucessfully complete a whole NaBloPoMo month, although I always sign up for it and love displaying the nice badges at the end of my posts....more
@KarenLynnn Gee...checking back in...NOW, how many days to go?  :)more

Inspirational Sunday Week 1

Photo CreditI try to remember I am far from perfect and after a good rant or two, usually,I can get my compassion to kick in about the person I just ripped!!...more
@Lucy's Reality I did get something out of it, Lucy. Thank you, again!more

When The Cat Is Away, This Mouse Plays!

Does your partner ever travel without you? My hubby rarely does, we are usually always by each other's side. If he's headed to Chicago for a seminar, I'll stay home with the puppies. This weekend, he went to California with his son to get the man cub set up in an apartment before he starts automotive classes at UTI in Rancho Cucamonga in November. Hubby wanted me to come along, but we've been on so many whirlwind trips this year, I just decided to stay home and have a "me" weekend. ...more
@alienbody We need some "me" time, but not too much. Just once in a while, right?more

NaBloPoMo Challenge Day 2: My Dream Locale

As part of my NaBloPoMo challenge (courtesy of BlogHer), we are on Day 2 (well actually, it’s Day 3, but I had a long day).So as to not waste time, I have to choose my dream locale to live. I can show you better than I can tell you....more

Saturday Funnies LV

Ah, I love Saturday!! Time to laugh!! My husband is a Tax guy.  October 15th is the last deadline of the year for individuals and he gets some funny emails.  With this year being an election year, well, he got some fun ones.  The one below I thought was somewhat ok to share.  Remember, we are almost at the end, keep laughing,just keep laughing!!Dear Mr.CPA,The IRS sent my Tax Return back!  AGAIN!!!  I think it has something to with my response to the question:List all dependents?I replied -...more

I'd Split Myself In Two Or Three

Yesterday's writing prompt was: If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Here are my thoughts. ...more
KarenLynn! Just finding this treasure. Don't know how I missed it. Love the photos and your ...more

Where would it be?

Rarely have I been so glad to see a Friday arrive, with a fairly quiet weekend ahead. It's been a week of sadness and stress in our little household, so I'm really hoping the next few days will be a low-key time for relaxing and regrouping. NaBloPoMo November 2012 Prompt Friday, November 2, 2012: If you could live anywhere, where would it be? ...more

How Many Times Do You Kiss A Day?

When I'm with the grand babies, I bet I kiss a thousand times, each one on their precious sweet smelling heads. And some times, I get the "mmmmm smooch" from both boys and that just makes me melt. Some how, both the boys are cuddle-bums. I guess it is because Nik and I never put them down when they were infants. Whatever, we did it right because they both love to snuggle. So with kids, especially grandkids, it's hard to make a kiss count accurately. I'll try next time I'm holding one of them!...more
@HomeRearedChef kisses and hugs :)more

Bored Games

Cross-Post: Bored Games - NaBloPoMo Day 2 - there are just some games I find boring, and yet my husband's family loves playing board games during the holidays....more