precious friends

Heart-shaped leaf How do you make a friendship grow?...more

Young Hannah's Career Goals

Monday AND Tuesday, April 6, 2015When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? If you’re not working the job you listed, how do you feel when you look back on your old goal? If you are, what would you go back and tell your younger self?...more

Kenya, I cry for you

The headline read “at least 147 dead”. A familiar anxiety took over. I felt like I had been here before.They were students. Massacred by an extremist militant group, Al-Shabab. Shot, ruthlessly.This wasn’t Peshawar, Pakistan on Dec 16th where 147 children were slain in their school. This was Garrissa, Kenya on April 3rd where college students were asked to come out of hiding in the name of mercy only to be shot in the head....more

NaBloPoMo Day 1 - Breaking Through Barriers

The last time I committed to something I had not done before was to sign up for a 5K run last fall. Like many of us my relationship with exercise is extremely volatile. When we’re good, we’re really good....more

To Age To Grow

Thursday April 2, 2015Is it possible to age without growing? Why or why not?...more


BlogHer’s theme for April is GROW and I am beyond excited to talk about all the different kinds of growth. Today was about my best home-grown April Fools prank but seeing as I’ve never actually pranked anyone, this topic is not one I can identify with....more

March lamb outta here

Todays #NaBloPoMo prompt from +BlogHer is: Which way was better: getting all of our news at a single point or two in the day, or the birth of the 24/7 news cycle, with news being reported all day long? Um ...the 24/7 news cycle is just regurgitation of what happened in the past 24 hours. Okay, I am going to pass on this one sorry @Blogher its the last day and this is the prompt ......more

News here is not much

Today's Nablopomo prompt +BlogHer isDo you believe the adage that bad news sells better than good news? Do you find yourself getting more response to negative posts than positive ones?Well, usually when I have news its in regard to two things Moving and Employment. I try to keep my news light and easy to go thru. ...more

Something happened somewhere

Today's prompt : Have there been events when you've turned to social media over traditional media or vice versa? When the  Vallejo / Napa Earthquake struck last fall here it was Twitter that gave me up to date information about places and people I knew of in Napa and Vallejo. I didn't even flinch going to any other newsource. While I may have made a joke about Godzilla hanging around in the neighborhood there was not another reliable choice to go to for news about what was really happening. ...more


Seriously people need lessons on how to travel. Granted, I may not be the best travel agent but I do know how to travel for example I am typing this on a bus ..traveling on a bus 100 miles away from you...Let's recap the week incase I don't come back shall we...It maybe my birthday this week but a Pen Really Doesn't Care ...more