Talking Saturday on Sunday!

The Cacti Flowers are Blooming!We wanted to Soak it all in!...more
 @HomeRearedChef I love Rear Window and actually own that one, I think it nails the 'people ...more

Saturday Funnies XXV

Another Saturday! Time to laugh and smile   Have to thank my Email Buddies or wait, if it tanks then throw the blame their way, you make the call!This joke is for all the dieters out there.  Oh, and for all the health nuts.  I am so glad you enjoy a carrot, you have no idea how blessed you are!  Oh, and by the way, “I hate you!”...more
Lucy, this was GREAT. Thank you, thank you, Amiga, you had me laughing! By the way, I think that ...more

Saying Goodbye!

Oh, it is hard to say Goodbye!  The head knows I should.  The pain and agony has to stop. The heart is saying “No!”Sweating,crying and feeling like being at deaths door is not worth it.Or is it?There is the joy too!The creamy, lustful, delectable, awesomeness!!I am telling you there is pure joy!Oh, why must I pay with cramps and stabbing knives of pain through my belly?Light bulb moment!...more
My heart goes out to you, Lucy, because I am a chocolate lover, and I know that I would be ...more

Walk A Mile Bullshit!

I do it!You do it!We all do it!Judge!Some less than others but we do it.Some are horrible ass bigots.Some claim they embrace all people but sit back and watch their lives?Actions speak way louder.  Just sayin.Matter fact any person that says, “I never judge!”  Makes me smile....more
I was so afraid to write this post, I hovered over Publish for a very, very long time.  I ...more

Blackmail or Public Service Announcement?

I cannot tell a lie! We enjoy that bright orange thing in the sky! I know it can kill but we love it!!Strolling at Courthouse Vista!...more
If I had any pictures with which to blackmail with, but I don't.   lol!   Make sure you use what ...more

Bell Rock Haiku,Maybe?

Bell Rock in the Spring Time!Bell Rock Haiku?!?!Tourist Love it that...more
 @JourneyofLife Wow, Israel or Jordan, those are wonderful choices, I understand you taking your ...more

Self-Fulfilling Visions!

I read a blog a while back about a husband having a vision.  Hang in there with me!  It seems this couple is Catholic and follows the faith, all strict like, and all that jazz.  How I envy such Faith.  Now,I am Catholic and damn I just haven’t been struck with a visit from the Almighty.  You think it is because I lack the strict part?  Oh well!...more
Well, I do believe in visions/dreams, because they do happen. But I think many of us should be ...more

Saturday Funnies XXIIII

I have often mentioned I am the weirdo who enjoys all those emails you get from friends sharing jokes,stories and inspirational blurbs!  I have a group of email buddies that sends emails most  ‘normal’ people delete.  We are the email chain gang!Lucky for you all I am here to see you read the ones I deem good!!BEING GREEN...more
This was simply wonderful, Lucy! I am 55 years old, and I certainly come from an era where we ...more

Killing a Friday!

Morning sky!...more
 @HomeRearedChef Oh, I feel for you, moving is so much work, Ugh!more

In the Middle of a Threesome!

Passing the time on a long flight?  Some people read, others listen to music and I like to watch a movie.  I’ve decided I needed an iPad.  Something nice and small and it won’t irritate anyone.  Most people don’t mind me taking out my laptop and watching a movie.  Yesterday, the tall grey haired Gentleman, who wouldn’t even look or speak to either of us in our row seemed perturbed by my moving even an inch!  Oh, and then when the other passenger asked to get up twice, well, I thought, the tall grey haired gentleman just might speak, and the words may have not b...more
 @HomeRearedChef Oh, you are not prying!  I am very open about it :)  Once our daughter ...more