According to Mr T's colleagues he drinks coffee like an Italian; this isn't a compliment.According to the shoe mender I speak Greek like an Australian; I'm not entirely sure that's a compliment either.We are mocked because we eat English dinner at 8.00pm when any self-respecting Greek might just be finishing his afternoon espresso....more


I am not a wealthy woman.  I work for a non-profit, so by choosing to work for cause over commerce I already accept a reduction of my earning potential by accepting that any discretionary dollars in our organization are deeded to mission rather than paychecks.  It is also a fairly well-known fact that women take on average a 30% earning hit just because of their gender.  Still, when it comes to hard times, I look at my community: our schools, the services that we may not use every day like the firefighters, police and emergency response, health care, resources for the un...more

Pay It Forward {Day 20/Year 2}

10 days left!Are you excited to have me back to my usual writing shenanigans soon?Or will you miss Pay It Forward month?Honestly for me it'll be a bit of both. I hope that before November of next year I will blog more about Paying It Forward than I did this past year....more

Tchaikovsky and Marche Slave

Different symphony conductors bring their own unique experiences and histories to the music they conduct. Depending on the meaning they get from the score and how they internalize the music, the same music can often sound very different when performed by different symphonies led by different conductors....more

Christmas Morning Sticky Buns

Yesterday my daughter @onemomtwoboys asked if anyone else finds the holidays tough to juggle.  I totally understand where she is coming from.  When I was a young mother, we had 4 familys to visit in two days since both my parents and my hubbys parents were divorced.  ...more
sticky buns! Yummy! By the way pleased to meet you! I'm reading your posts and having a good time!more

Calibrated to Run

I run with a Nike+ Sportband that operates with a sensor that fits into the insole of your shoe that sends signals to a wristband that measures your distance, pace, elapsed time, and calories burned.  Last year, two weeks prior to running the Boston Marathon, the Sportband readout stopped working.  I took it to the Nike store and confessed that the immediate feedback mechanism had become my security blanket, my pacifier.  They replaced the Sportband free of charge and didn’t ask if it was still under warranty.  The sensor that originally came with the Sportband finally g...more

Swimming Lessons and Other Acts Of Self Sacrifice

Up until recently my three year old daughter has hated swimming. I totally relate to that. You'd have to work pretty hard to convince me to get in a pool. It just doesn't appeal to me much....more

Pay It Forward {Day 19/Year 2}

Patience.In large part his was my pay it forward today. I was patient and did not turn around and speak to the little girl who kicked my seat HARD all throughout our viewing of Happy Feet Two (You should totally go see it.) tonight. I did not tell the woman who used her cell phone to play a word game for 20 minutes during the movie to turn. it off. ...more

Smartcars, Smartphones, and Dumb**** Vaccine

My new car, the Taurus, is really a Smartcar. With Sync Services you can talk to it and tell it what to do, sort of. If you tie that together with my smartphone, I'm instantly dumber. And unfortunately, as a lyric I heard today in a Jimmy Buffet song says, "There's no dumbass vaccine." I laughed when I heard him say that. My smartcar took me with my smartphone and Sync services, to a new store I hadn't been to before, and I learned how to answer my phone with the buttons on the steering wheel....more


I survived the field trip. The students absolutely loved all the equipment and us teachers were very pleased also.After we got back from the trip, my students began working on an essay about their favorite part of the day. While they were doing their prewriting, I sat down at my computer to catch up on the emails I'd missed while we were gone.As I answered a few emails I kept my gaze roving around the room so that I could catch any insanely off-task behavior before it went too far....more