Quick Attempt at a short Story

The stars hanging above her head made her feel smaller than small.  They made her feel as if she were nothing at all.  She pulled the hood of her sweatshirt over her head, pulling tightly at the drawstring.  Wishing that the night breeze would go away or that she had brought her coffee outside with her. She balanced her head back on the edge of the lawn chair, looking back up at brightly dotted sky.  Wondering what the moon thought about all of those stars.  She closed her eyes tightly, squishing out the day as completely as she co...more

Play Time!

Let’s Play a Game!Examine the photo below.Guess the year?The only clue, that is me in the gold and black dress!Have fun!!Oh, and let’s spice it up!Give it a Caption!!!...more
 @motherofnine9 So funny, that house was so old, we rented it and we think the wall paper was ...more


Day 1 post - http://redroom.com/member/kelly-tweeddale/blog/playtime Author of the blog Running Without Toenails, follow me on Twitter @ktweed...more

Recess at Catholic School in the 60's

Today's prompt was to write about a strong recess memory.  ...more
 @edavis thanks so much!  yes, it was such a stupid punishment.  but the hand smacking with the ...more

NaBloPoMo: Who did you play with as a child?

I am particpating in the NaBloPoMo challenge for May. It should be a fun one. It is titled: Play.Today’s topic is who did you play with as a child?I grew up, well at least until the second grade, in Huntington, West Virginia. My mom was a college student at Marshall University and my dad was in the “sales” business....more

I Forced a Mom to Stop Breastfeeding!

Years ago I baby sat. No, not talking teenage babysitting when you sat up late with the kids way past their bedtime because you were scared.  Oh, you didn’t do that?  I am such a chicken.  No, I babysat when my kids were little ones to bring in a few extra dollars.  My, oh, my....more

Talking Saturday on Sunday!

The Cacti Flowers are Blooming!We wanted to Soak it all in!...more
 @HomeRearedChef I love Rear Window and actually own that one, I think it nails the 'people ...more

Saturday Funnies XXV

Another Saturday! Time to laugh and smile   Have to thank my Email Buddies or wait, if it tanks then throw the blame their way, you make the call!This joke is for all the dieters out there.  Oh, and for all the health nuts.  I am so glad you enjoy a carrot, you have no idea how blessed you are!  Oh, and by the way, “I hate you!”...more
Lucy, this was GREAT. Thank you, thank you, Amiga, you had me laughing! By the way, I think that ...more

Saying Goodbye!

Oh, it is hard to say Goodbye!  The head knows I should.  The pain and agony has to stop. The heart is saying “No!”Sweating,crying and feeling like being at deaths door is not worth it.Or is it?There is the joy too!The creamy, lustful, delectable, awesomeness!!I am telling you there is pure joy!Oh, why must I pay with cramps and stabbing knives of pain through my belly?Light bulb moment!...more
My heart goes out to you, Lucy, because I am a chocolate lover, and I know that I would be ...more

Walk A Mile Bullshit!

I do it!You do it!We all do it!Judge!Some less than others but we do it.Some are horrible ass bigots.Some claim they embrace all people but sit back and watch their lives?Actions speak way louder.  Just sayin.Matter fact any person that says, “I never judge!”  Makes me smile....more
I was so afraid to write this post, I hovered over Publish for a very, very long time.  I ...more