Tying Shoes a Parenting Failure!

Tying shoes! It was just one of my failures as parenting.  I wish I could say I taught my kids everything they know.  I wish I could say I always made the right decisions about everything.  I wish I could say I had perfect kids, you know,they had straight A’s and never caused me an ounce of trouble and ……Oh, tying shoes that is what I was telling you about. Listen, I sucked at that lesson in their life....more
I am so thankful for friends and relatives with special skills.  I can't picture myself being a ...more

I Get Dressed Every Single Day!

I get dressed every single day and on a daily basis I dress for me.I shower.  I put makeup on.  I wear clothes.  Jeans,shorts,skirts and cute little tops.  In the winter I have a few cute little warm sweats but mostly I dress every single day.  I love makeup!! Love it!!!! Therefore, I wear it daily!!!Oh, and I fix my hair but it is straight, so pretty easy.  I wear it in a simple long style bob but it is washed and styled,daily!I have always done this.  Even when my children were small....more
 @Lucy's Reality Then, see, we are good women.  :)more

For the Birds

I’m not one to put a lot of stock in omens, but every once in awhile you have experiences that make you wonder if they are significant, especially if they come in threes....more


I can hear her laughing!Bliss!  I love action pictures.  I look at this and hear her laughter!Do you like catching the action?...more
The best pictures/photos are the candid ones.   :)more

If the Shoe Fits. . .

Re cently I wrote about the game of Monopoly and the role it has played in mother/daughter road trips and the ability for a capitalistic game to teach life’s lessons.  It made me think about those lessons and the choices we make when playing a game and when living our life.  For Monopoly, one of the first decisions a player must make along with the other players is what token will become their game piece....more

Whiny Ass Parents Today

Whiny ass parents today! That is how my 81 year old mother sees it!Her exact words!...more
Great post Lucy! What kills me about parents today is how they reinforce their children's bad ...more

In Regard to the Rebound

When I was growing up, almost every house in Baby Boom suburbia, had some sort of basketball hoop mounted above the garage making the driveway the perfect place to be in the “key” for a game of HORSE, to practice free throw shots, or to see if you could hear the swoosh of the net.  As an adult, I stand 5’3” give or take a little bit, and as a kid, I was even more petite.  Still, my size disadvantage made me even more determined.  As long as the basketball held air and we could figure out how to use the air pump with the needle attachment and we hadn’t lost the needle, we had ...more

Coloring Outside the Lines

There are too many people out there that define what happiness looks like by adopting a set of rigid rules and setting clear guidelines.  Don’t get me wrong, we need laws, policies and a good sense of right and wrong in order to guard against chaos and anarchy....more

My Mother's Day!

My Mom!I am missing my Mom today BUT I am so lucky because I will be seeing her soon!  My mom is a healthy 81 year old lady and when I get back we will go out to eat.  A favorite past time!...more
 @FatCat It is so nice to spend it with family and isn't Skype great?  Glad you enjoyed your day!!more

Reflections on Mother's Day Eve

Attending Madama Butterfly on the eve of Mother’s Day, makes the story even more poignant.  The story cuts through the ugly, caddish American, the Japanese stereotypes and what is left is a mother’s ultimate sacrifice.  She gives dies in honor so her son has a chance to escape the dishonor sure to brand him.  In her world, the taking of her life is more than ending the pain of an unequal love, making amends for a shamed union, or being tossed aside like a used toy.  It is her attempt to give him honor in one culture and freedom to become a part of another. ...more