Stop the killing of Elephants for Terrorism

The Ivory of an Elephant tusks is the third largest illegally traded item in the World. Animals are slaughtered without mercy for their humane value but for the product in which they produce that humans purchase.WE MUST STOP THISJust watch it first

31 Days, 32 Revelations: A Little Bit of Faith

 Series Introduction...more

Move along, nothing to see here, she is just fine

Today's Blogher NaBloPoMo is a Press ReleaseAs we've been seeing from the #womenslives initiative, all of our lives are newsworthy. Write a press release covering things you've accomplished in the last five years.Last Five Years...eeck. Alrighty, here is my fake press release not hold your breath.. ***********For Immediate ReleaseFor more information contact:...more

Body Shaming Must Stop

It is a sad day when you realize body shaming has become part of daily life.  I spend part of every morning reading the news. Somewhere along the way, I started noticing daily articles talking about this woman being called “too fat” or another called “too skinny”....more

Time of our lives

Today's Blogher #NaBloPoMo isDo you think we are currently living in a good time for women in history? Will we look back at this time period in the future and say that there was equality? No. Period. No. Geraldine Ferraro ran as Vice President in 1984 that was ground breaking but yet a woman still didn't earn as much as a man.Hilary Clinton ran for President in 2008 that was not ground breaking as it was a stark reality of how far women have come in just over 22 years....more
patriciaappelquist diaryinparadise  Right?  I know that women have the potential to be amazing ...more

8 Financial Tips for Women

I've read a lot of financial blogs, books, and articles.  One thing I have noticed is a lot of them are geared towards men.  On the financial forums it seems like men are the vast majority of the participants.  Sometimes the advice is general enough to be applied to both men and women, other times it is not.  While men and women each have their own concerns about money, I would like to focus this article to women....more
@  I agree.  It is so important that women plan ...more

Dear Oprah

Dear Oprah,You walked into our living rooms and reminded us that we are all connected. How you took enormous strides to connect us with you. What you did was incredible in the face of television. You changed what we knew the talking box should look like and how we relate to it.After you incredible transformation into a media powerhouse you didn't stop trying to make the world a better place in funding productions that would change how we saw the world and our history....more
diaryinparadise Yes she was great at opening up and letting it just be!more

The Women in My Life

When I saw it was March 1 AND Women's History Month.  March 1 means it is closer to spring.  After going through my first New Hampshire winter, I am ready for some spring flowers and wearing only 1 layer of clothing....more


I am doing a few NaBloPoMo posts in effort to adhere to an editorial calendar so today's NaBloPoMo post is Tuesday, February 24, 2015Have you ever attempted to make your own clothes? Tell us about the results....more

Satisfying the Tummy

I think its great that living in the 21st Century means readily accessibility to just about any cuisine anywhere. I seriously can tour the world with my stomach within two miles from my workplace.I can also gain a lot of weight very quickly....more