10 Household Items that are Surprisingly Useful for Nail Art

I've noticed throughout my travels in the nail art universe that there are many things we use for nail art that people wouldn't normally think of! I picked out the 10 I personally use the most to share with you. Please note, I'm not the original idea-woman behind these items. I've just picked up these tips along the way from various Facebook groups I belong to! These are the actual items I use, though! :P...more

10 Mani-Pedi Colors to try on

People love to lacquer their nails with eccentric colors just to make their nails look beautiful. These days, a wide array of trendy mani-pedi colors is available in the market. Some of the top brands come out with an excellent range of nail lacquers. One can look beautiful from head to toe just by applying some appealing colors. These days, nail art has also gained widespread popularity. Stylish and chic girls love to experiment with different colors and shades and embellishments to make nails look more beautiful. Patterned decals are also used complimenting nails beautifully....more

Nail Art Challenge: Nail Polish Doticure


TUTORIAL: Super-Easy Animal Print Nail Art

I love nail art. It's a great, creative way to dress up any outfit, and despite what you might think, it's actually really easy! You don't always need special tools or equipment or the artistic skills of Michelangelo squatting on scaffolding under the roof of the Sistine Chapel. This animal print nail art design can be done with regular nail polish, no special brushes, and only minimal patience. ...more
We thought your nails were the Sally Hansen strips at first glance, really professional looking! ...more

Nail Art - Manicure Trend, Seoul(South Korea)

It’s been close to 2 years I have been living and working in Seoul and have observed couple of unique things in the fashion scenario. Of them the one thing which struck my mind was in the funny manicure pattern – Nail Art. No I am not here to disparage the whole trend, but will surely be voicing my opinion with solid logic....more

Spiderweb Nails for Halloween!

 I love nail art.  As a beauty blogger, I like to try different nail designs all the time.  It's not always easy though. For Halloween, I wanted to share an easy nail design that everyone would enjoy and be able to try for themselves....more

My Mixed Milani Mani

I had a really busy week, and I managed to end up with a mixed manicure: Milani Foxy Lady and Natural Touch on each hand with an accent nail of the other color plus nail art flowers from a visit to the Topsfield Fair.  Got lots of compliments :)...more

Nail art for short nails

Easy Nail art for Short Nails-Black and white Hi all,Posting after a long time...seriously life becomes so busy that you just don't get time for yourself.This time i tried a very simple and easy nail art which is best suitable for short as well as long nails too....more

Geometric Nail Art Tutorial

Geometric nail art Tutorial...more

Nail art-Green and Pink Dots

Nail art-Green and Pink Dots Hi all......sometimes simple and easy designs can make your nails beautiful. This time i played with dots green and dark Pink on Pearl White base which gave a clear and bright look to dots.For nail art and nail care visit:http://supriya-nailart.blogspot.in...more