A beauty must: Seche Vite Dry Fast Topcoat

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Guerlain Le Top Coat Gel: Manicure Savior?

Tired of nail polish chipping after the 3rd day?  Review of Guerlain Le Top Coat Gel...more

Are "Done" Nails a Requirement?

I'm a big fan of pedicures, but the manicure has always left me cold.  Most of the time, my fingernails are bare, as well as ridiculously short.  I played violin for many years, which requires nails that do not extend at all past the fingertip.  To this day, I feel twitchy when they get too long.But I always thought the manicure was an optional extra.  You know, if you wanted to feel all girly.  So I was somewhat dismayed when I recently read an article about preparing for job interviews that listed a “professional” manicure as a requirement, right up there with groomed hair and professional attire....more
Hmmmmm....me wonders where you're getting your manicures. If you walk into a salon and the ...more

Signature Nail Polish--water-based, non-toxic--Giveaway!

I am so excited to be apart of this great business, I just want to share my huge giveaway with as many people as possible. It is unbelievably fun designing fingernail polish and creating new colors and color variations daily. The following is from my new start-up's blog:...more

Girls & their Nails!

Girls & Nails: 5 Ways to Teach Your Daughter Proper Nail Care I've worn acrylic nails for almost 15 years. Why? Because when I was a little girl, I brutalized my own nails. I would suck, bite, knaw and chomp on them as if they were covered in Lemonhead juice. (You would have to know how much I loved Lemonheads to know the significance of that!) In other words, I never let my nails grow to be strong and ...more