Black Nail Polish stamping comparison

  *Nothing to Disclose*      Most of us love the look of a stamped manicure. But when you're first starting out it can be hard to do. I know one of the problems I had was finding a good polish to use.      In this post I've compared 4 black nail polishes to see which one works the best....more

Drying Nail Polish Faster: Does Cold Water or Hot Air Work?

If you watch YouTube or follow beauty blogs, I'm sure you've noticed all the beauty tips out there. Even if you don't, you always hear people talking about different DIYs or tips for this, that and the other. I figured I'd put some of them to the test and see they really work. Image: Nail polish, Shutterstock...more
Glamour143 So true! I have two boys so when I do get to polish my nails, anything that helps ...more

Snowflake Nails


Nail Polish Designs

I maybe don't get to have my nails done as often as I'd like. But during spring and summer, I can't wait to get out and have a self-indulgent, relaxing few hours at the spa having a pedi done. I have to admit, wearing socks and boots all winter makes it harder to justify spending good money on my nails. When I do make it into my favorite spa, I like to have polish ideas at hand! Maybe there's some ideas here that I can share with you as well! ...more

Nail Polish :: Brand Comparison


How To Fix A Broken Nail: The Tea Bag Method

Hello My Lovelies! ...more

Nail of the Day: Zoya Kiki

Hello My Lovelies!...more

Nail of the Day: Elf - Violet Velvet

Hello My Lovelies! ...more

Nail Art - Manicure Trend, Seoul(South Korea)

It’s been close to 2 years I have been living and working in Seoul and have observed couple of unique things in the fashion scenario. Of them the one thing which struck my mind was in the funny manicure pattern – Nail Art. No I am not here to disparage the whole trend, but will surely be voicing my opinion with solid logic....more

Nail Polish Trend - Gold Glitter Nails

Gold glitter nails have recently been spotted on the red carpet and special events, seen on Hollywood's young celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez....more