Tipping Optional?

I moved to Phoenix a couple of months ago from Las Vegas in search of better opportunities for career development and a change of pace, a different life. So far Phoenix has not disappointed, especially in the area of customer service. So far, everyone here has been genuinely friendly and not in that smarmy friendly-because-I-want-you-to-tip-me way that I found so often in Las Vegas. ...more

More than just a manicure

As I sat in the nail salon, and watched two friends enter, I couldn’t help but wonder if I go there for a manicure or for the entertainment? I think a little of both.My pedicure was just beginning when they entered the salon. One of them seemed pretty quiet. The other, was the polar opposite. You could have heard her three states over.The loud, chatty one took it upon herself to tell the manicurist exactly what type of manicure her friend wanted, permanent French. For herself, she wanted acrylic tips – but not too long....more

Can you tell I live in a "unique" town?more

It used to be a date, now it is a relationship

“It used to be a date, now it is a relationship,” the woman next to me at the nail salon said, as we both struggled to select a shade for our two week gel manicures.  I laughed, but she was right.   I never would have imagined I would worry about picking out a nail color that I may tire of.    I have always been the absolute worst when it comes to keeping polish on my nails.  I am constantly washing my hands, cleaning up after the cat, and doing dishes....more

Fish Pedicures: Icky Weirdness or Natural Solution?

Yup, that's right. We're talking unpaid, non-union citizens of the sea doing what comes natural while you read People magazine: Eating the dead skin off yer tootsies. What began in Turkey and flourished in Japan is finally getting a foothold in the U.S. but not without some skeeved-out state governments - most recently, Florida - stepping in to say, in so many words: "That's gross! Knock it off!" ...more

...so I thought I'd better update, since time for the conference is drawing closer! ...more