Maya Angelou Nail Polish: SMART, STRONG & BEAUTIFUL

In honor of  Maya Angelou.Maya educated us.Maya enlightened us. Maya empowered us. Maya emancipated us. Maya’s head held high.Maya’s smile ocean wide, Warm and welcoming us Into her open arms.As Brothers and Sisters. One Humanity.Maya mothered us.Maya Is a Phenomenal WomanMaya Is Smart, Strong & BeautifulNail Polish Color:  "You’re Never Fully Dressed Without Maya’s Smile"http://www.iamwoamn.comLaunch : July 4 2014...more

Thrifty Thursday: Gel Nails

I'll be the first to admit that I am the queen of nail polish. You will rarely see me without something on my nails (mainly because they don't grow worth a darn and if I get them painted, them they don't break as easily). I got my first gel manicure when they first came out and of course became obsessed. Two weeks without my nails chipping (Y'all my nails usually chip as soon as I leave the salon). So the hubby bought me the Gelish set for my birthday one year. Basically, it's amazing. This what the starter set looks like (it doesn't come with colors and the light is sold separately)....more
I'm a nail polish LOVER! Like you, my nails are rarely without polish on them. I'm concerned ...more

Nothing But Blue Skies Not Anymore

Yeah, that's at least a double negative.  So sue me.  My defense?  The use of double negatives, while now a signal of syntactic poverty, was prevalent in Shakespeare's day and used at will, especially by Will....more

Extending your salon pedicure in a salon pedicure-unfriendly economy

In NYC where nail salons exist two to a corner and a pedicure can cost less than what some people spend at Starbucks in a day, professionally groomed tootsies are practically a requisite for resident status along with a love for chocolate egg creams and the ability to talk an off-duty cabbie into taking you home in the rain. The economy being what it is however, I've broken down and *gasp* gone far longer without Dashing Diva attention than in summers past. Don't tell the mayor. ...more

For the last several years, polish doesn't touch my fingers. Just too impractical, what with ...more