Bikram Yoga: The Not-So-Loved Practice

If somebody would have told me that I would develop a passion for the practice of yoga after being introduced to its world through Bikram, I would laughed so loud that probably my parents would have heard me all the way down in the southern tip of the South American continent....more

Is It Okay To Say Namaste in Public School?

I started teaching yoga classes several years ago in the after-school program at my elementary school. At first, I used it in the kindergarten classroom and eventually  expanded it to other grades after school.It has been an extremely popular class....more
Virginia, I think it is great your daughter and her husband do yoga together!more

Yoga Etiquette (Terri's version) written by Terri M.

After 5 years of practicing yoga I have decided that I need to create some yoga etiquette based on my experiences. I decided this today while standing in line at the gym for the 10:30 a.m. yoga class. I decided this because, today, I wasn’t so much in that yoga mind set before class. There was no yin or yang, no OM, no embracing the moment….uh huh, not today! We share a room with each other, 25 to 30 of us, for one hour. We breathe, sweat, groan and stretch all within the boundaries of our mats. It is a time of peace, meditation, deep breathing, relaxing and setting intentions. ...more
Thanks for the great tips! I do hate it when people feel the need to chat during practice (like ...more