#MicroblogMondays 2 - My Name Is

My name is Laurel. Yes, my name is a little bit different, somewhat uncommon... and I love it. One small problem, though, is that my name is enough like other, more familiar names - Laura, Laurie, Lauren - that it's often mistaken, misspelled, and sometimes even completely mangled. You might be surprised at just how many different ways you can spell some approximation of Laurel, but this week's visit to Starbucks gave me an entirely new variation to add to my collection. ...more

I am Sara--without an "h" ...

In desperation (and knowing I had but a few moments to write today), I thought I would try responding to the NaBloPoMo's Prompt of the Day: "If you had to switch your first name, what name would you choose and why?" ... except that after I wrote it, I realized today is not November 7 and I responded to the wrong prompt. Sigh. My apologies......more

Name Change

Name Change? For years I dreamed of being able to change my first name to something unusual. In my extended family there were, at one time, five Elizabeth’s to contend with. My grandmother still just yells Elizabeth first and then moves on to the rest of the names. There were not, and still aren’t, any Gwendolyns, Aprils (Big fan of TMNT!), or Briannas. As I grew, the ratio did not improve. There is almost always another Elizabeth in each class, at every job, and looking better than me at any party. So yes, I have thought long and hard about this over the years....more

changing name to simplicity

Todays prompt was what would we change our name to, thats an easy one for me, it would have to be so ething simple and straightforward like Amy or Eve. The reason behind this is as a four year old learning to write Bernadette Elizabeth was a major obstacle to overcome! It must have been a sign of the times as my three sisters have long names too, Beverley, Jacqueline and Deborah, my brother, on the other hand, ended up with...........John! Nowadays trying to fit my full name in the teeny tiny spaces on any sort of form, is the next hurdle I face, hence cutting my name down to Berni....more

What's in a name? : The Baby Name Game

What's in a name? A lot, actually. It's your identity, how you're known, how you're referred to. My mom has told me stories of all the names she thought about naming me, including Bonnie Blue. Yes, inspired by Gone With The Wind. But it didn't win out. Beth was also a choice, until my aunt stated that I could someday be called "Big Beth," (no offense to anyone named Beth, you'd just have to know my aunt) but that wasn't a solid option either. She had a dream that she named me Katie Jo. And there it was. THE name. ...more

Killing Patty: Why I dumped the nickname I didn't choose ... and how I'm still becoming Tricia

My real estate agent calls me "Tricia."I've never told her to call me that. I always introduce myself as "Trish" and that's also how I sign my name.But she got me thinking about a time years ago when I decided to reclaim my name. You see, for most of my childhood and my teenage years I was "Patty."Good crap, I hated being called that.I didn't start out as Patty. Until the second grade, I was always Patricia at school. I was Trish (or Trishy) at home....more

Also Known As - a.k.a.

In law enforcement, we run a criminal history search on all felony cases. When I see a suspect with a.k.a.’s, I know I have a shady character. Fraud cases are the most prevalent but violent suspects are also known to use multiple names. I’ve lately wondered, if I had ever committed a crime, and my rap sheet was viewed, what would it look like today?...more
Wow...great, intimate story, as in the "kind I like." So neat that you held your dreams close to ...more

Say My Name!

I fall on the end of the spectrum of perfectionism that is called “utter paralysis.”  In the quest to do something (anything/everything) perfectly, I usually end up not doing it all.  So choosing a name for my blog felt like something akin to feeling a need to organize a closet and going to Bed, Bath and Beyond, or visiting thecontainerstore.com.  Then, when faced with all of the gazillions of choices, systems and gadgets just sort of spacing out and getting stuck on stupid....more

Name Flame or Why I Hate My Name

For most of my life I have hated my name. Sitting on the doctor’s table, my legs dangling over, I tell him I'm thinking about changing it.“Oh no.  You can’t do that. You’re Wanda, our Wanda.”Wow. Our Wanda?  Is that like Our Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm?...more

What Is In A Name

Naming Your Baby ...more