What Happens to Your Social Media Accounts if You Change Your Name?

As I was setting up yet another social media account, I started thinking about an interesting conundrum some people need to deal with that wasn't an issue back in my day. What do you do with your social media accounts if you change your last name with marriage? ...more
I completely understand this issue, when I setup my Facebook account, I kept on wondering what ...more

Winter Break

I am Sara--without an "h" ...

In desperation (and knowing I had but a few moments to write today), I thought I would try responding to the NaBloPoMo's Prompt of the Day: "If you had to switch your first name, what name would you choose and why?" ... except that after I wrote it, I realized today is not November 7 and I responded to the wrong prompt. Sigh. My apologies......more

It's My Life, I Guess

This post was written as a submission to The Last Name Project, a joint series by from two to one and The Feminist Mystique that explores what people do with their names when they get married, or what they are thinking of doing if and when that happens.I am a high school teacher. And I kept my last name when I got married....more

The Kid Argument

This piece was originally posted at The MamaFesto. When my husband, Tim, and I got married, I didn’t change my name. Reactions to this ranged from shock and dismay to a pat on the back, though nothing got to me more than what I started to refer to as the Kid Argument.“Well, that’s fine for you and all, but don’t you want to share a name with your children?”Behold, the Kid Argument....more

Goodbye Hymen, Hello Hyphen

www.TheFeministBride.comEach generation has their heated issue when it comes to marriage.Once upon a time, it was imperative to maintain the virtue and innocence of a young woman (i.e.: the presence of her hymen) on her wedding night. In present times, the average age of sexually active women is 17. Therefore, contrary to the repressive sexual times of our predecessors, kids today are literally putting the sex in the sex-ed. Don’t know what a hymen is Susie? Statistically, it looks like you lost it well before you made it to that health class lesson. Where the social issue of the hymen eventually broke, there is a new age one that aims to unite – that is last names. Say hello to our little friend, the hyphen....more

Being somewhat traditional, I never thought about hyphenating my name however being the last in ...more