There is a disturbing trend in the current political discourse.  Rather than facts or platforms, name-calling seems to have become the top political sport. ...more
I agree with you, Robin.  If they stir up enough mud, I think they do believe we won't see the ...more

Does Your Child Name-Call?

Ugh - it finally happened.I was playing cars with my son one evening last week and discussing how his day at preschool was. He is pretty open to different friends but I have really noticed his personality growing by leaps and bounds since he started at 'big boy school'....more

Halperin Suspended from MSNBC: Calling President Obama a "Dick" is More Than Swearing

The Washington Post's Plum Line by Greg Sargent says that the MSNBC indefinite suspension of Mark Halperin for calling the President "a kind of a dick" per his press conference yesterday is "way over the top."...more

I understand what you are saying Christina, but as I said, we can and do shape the trajectory of ...more

Sticks, Stones, and Breaking Blogger Bones

Since I began blogging last March, I have received varied responses regarding my posts. While most agree with what I have to say about feminism and the way women and young girls are overtly sexualized, thus diminishing their power in society, some people, men and women alike, either dismiss or vehemently disagree with my assertions. I don't mind being challenged; this is how discourse begins, but all discourse should be respected, just as all view points should be regarded.Since blogging, I have received very interesting comments by those who disagree with me. But it's not just me -- I have seen it on other blogs, and it boggles my mind that so many people like to leave their marks of disdain upon someone else's page. Disagree, challenge, argue -- but be respectful....more

Christy, one of the disadvantages of blogging opinionated pieces is cyber-bullying. People feel ...more