What's in a name?

Musings of a second-time MumWhat’s in a name?...more

Change of heart over a name

A friend of mine is going to give birth to a boy in just a few weeks, and she has no idea what she would like to name her baby. "Do you have a short list of names that you like?" I asked her....more

It's All In the Name

Blogher Writing LabAugust Theme: TALESTuesday, August 9, 2016 Are you featured in any often told family stories? Tell us about it.I am included in some family stories. My favorite is how my maternal grandmother named me, even though I didn’t like my name when I was growing up.The tale is that my mother was going to name me Charlotte Denise, but when I was born my grandmother wanted to name me. My mother gave in and I was named Debra Lynn....more

Calling your child by your pet's name

When I was little, my Mom would sometimes call me by my brother's name. It usually happened when she was distracted, or when she was in a hurry. I never thought about it much, since she usually corrected herself quickly....more

Names Have Power

Ever since I was a child I have heard people say, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me." That is a lie! Words have power and names do hurt. Names have POWER and that is why what we name our children matters. What we name our children helps determines how they will live their lives.   ...more

September edition of the name game

On August 12, my mom sent me a seemingly random text message that said: I named you after Lauren Bacall. Cool. Babe.First of all, can we just pause here to recognize how suave my Mom is? She's a pretty crafty chick and an amazing woman. You should check her out....more


There were a lot of considerations that went into trying to find the right name for our son. We wanted something unique, but not crazy. Something that was meaningful to us, but wouldn't set him up for a lifetime of trying to explain his name to others....more

My favorite names for a girl

 NO, I'm not pregnant, and yes, I know if I have another it will likely be a boy (my husband is one of 4 boys), and I've just sealed the deal with this post :-)  But nonetheless I love talking about baby names!  I have spring fever, baby fever and its just fun!  Here are my favorite names other than of course Eleanor (Ellie) :-)PearlBeatrice (Bea)...more

Most Holy Name of Jesus--Names

January 3, Most Holy Name of Jesus,  Jn. 1:29-34...more

What's in a (middle) name

One of my favorite parts of having my son was all the paperwork before I was allowed to take him home. (Hear me out on this one.) Mostly, it was the fact that I got to fill out all the paperwork - that there was nowhere for my husband to even sign....more