Nancy Drew and the Case of the Summer Library

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Yay! I love my old yellow cover Nancy Drews but most of my kids weren't interested in them. I ...more

Nancy and Me

Between the ages of nine and twelve, my reading material could be summarized in two words:  Nancy Drew.  Nancy's world was absorbing.  And so much more interesting than mine.  Bess and George.  Ned Nickerson.  Hannah Gruen.  Her convertible.  Her global travels.  And her unerring ability to solve any mystery she encountered. ...more

Nancy Drew books and for my sister and I - Laura Ingalls Wilder's original Little House on the ...more

Interview with Megan Gaiser - Creator of Nancy Drew Video Games

One of the biggest benefits I have received from blogging is the chance to meet some amazing people. When I sat down to interview Megan Gaiser, CEO of Her Interactive and creator of Nancy Drew video games, I was truly in awe. Not only is she the head of a very successful company, but it is a company that creates video games, an industry dominated by males. ...more

Happy Birthday, Nancy Drew

The first three Nancy Drew books were published on April 28, 1930, and there are lots of folks reminiscing about Nancy Drew and the role she played in their lives. ...more
Those pictures (and books) are amazing! Happy birthday, Nancy Drew. So nice to know she is alive ...more