Jedi Nanny: How to Talk to Toddlers.

Sittercity Blog has a good column this week on how to talk to kids like a babysitter.  It’s really great for the “layperson,” but if you are an actual babysitter and you want to talk to a kid, you’re probably going to want to do one better. I’ve been complimented over and over again about my manner with children and how I can connect with children on the very first interaction....more

Jedi Nanny: Working From Home

That is, working when a parent is working from home.  I’ve seen this addressed on a few mommy blogs lately and wanted to offer some tips from the nanny’s point of view on how to make this work as smoothly as possible. I’m not going to address anything that the parent should or shouldn’t do; my suggestions are for the nanny as that’s the part I’ve played in this scenario. If you’re a parent reading this and you want to add your opinion on what’s worked best for you, I would love to hear from you!...more

these are some great tips for trying to make nannys while working from home, i'm going to have ...more

Jenna Jameson...The nanny debate...and childhood bullies

I was reading the TMZ comment section under photos of Jenna Jameson and her babies. People were posting such horrible comments about Jenna AND her babies. WTF? Most of the comments had to do with Jenna's kids being teased when they get older. How about THIS... how about we teach children that teasing and making fun of others is WRONG?!?! How about parents do their job and teach their children the way to treat others? ...more