Would You Hire A Male Nanny - Manny?

Being a nanny I am meeting and having playdates with nannies very often. It’s usually the highlight of the week to plan and be around a grown up doing the same job as you do. Someone who knows all the perks and bad sides of being a nanny....more
NannyAuthority thanks for sharing :)more

35 Reasons Why This Nanny Won’t Work For Minimum Wage

 said it. I won’t.I’ve been going to a several interviews for new nanny position in the last few weeks. Just that information itself it’s a struggle for me, since I always accept the first job offer I get. I jump right to it and dive in, because hey, it’s a job!This time I rejected 3 families that I could easily see myself work for. Am I crazy? (yes, yes I am)Potentially, this could be really bad, ruin my finances and I might have to find a different job, regardless how much I like being a nanny....more

Being A Nanny Has Taught Me

Since, I've become a nanny my life has changed so much. I literally have a new-found respect for my parents and all parents out there. It has made me reconsider a lot of things like my stance on becoming a parent, which I will discuss in a later post. I love being a nanny and honestly I never knew this job could be so rewarding....more

Things your NANNY wants to tell you (but she never will)

As I am thinking about this topic and ways to phrase all my frustrations, in the back of my mind is end of The Nanny Diaries movie. If you haven’t watched it, you should.There are days, even weeks in a row that I don’t like my job, I don’t like seeing where my life goes and I don’t like repeating one and the same thing over and over again....more

Nanny's Holiday Pay

My family…” our nanny started slowly, “come from El Salvador to U.S.A. December twenty and eight.”Celina had been with us long enough for:...more

Testing. Testing. 1, 2, 3.

Just a quick note to get me started. My personal blog Puisque C'est Joli is in full swing (for the whole month I've been at that) and this was next on my list of places to go, things to do, and people to meet. So "Hello!" And welcome to what I hope will be an interesting and entertaining look into the daily (weekly...ish) life of a struggling grad student /high school teacher /nanny /dog mom. Oh yes! I do it all! And I'd like to think I look good doing it.Biz,Sarah...more

Pumpkin Picking

I took the kids to this amazing pumpkin patch that was miles and miles long, at least that's what they thought. It was actually in front of a local church in my town and was not even half a mile long. The kids thought it was HUGE though and we spent almost 45 minutes there touching EVERY SINGLE FREAKING pumpkin....more

Kid Contracts

If anybody is like me then I am sure you are getting tired of saying, "No. Stop it. Listen. Hellloooooooo, seriously?!" a million times a day. It seems as if words go in one ear and out the other, which kind of sucks. I have tried Melissa and Doug charts, coin jars, alone time in rooms, you mention it and I've tried it and none of it has worked for me, exceptONE thing. Contracts!...more


 (Even though you just want to sleep and forget you cleaned the poop from kitchen floor this morning)         I bet that by now (if you read some of my posts), you are wondering why someone who barely speaks any English chose to make a website in -English-....more