Interview with Nina Stibbe

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Daycare Centers vs Nannies

I have had the privilege of working both as a nanny and as a teacher aide in a daycare center. Getting to work in both atmospheres I get to see the different pros and cons that each option has. One of those pro/con is sticking out to big time right now and that is the developmental differences between children in daycare centers and children who have a nanny. (For this discussion I am referring to large corporate daycare centers, not a daycare run out of a person's home.)...more

TLC For Kids Nanny of the Year

TLC For Kids, Inc has been St. Louis’ premiere nanny and babysitting agency  for over 25 yearOur 2013 Nanny of the year is Janice.  Her family truly loves her and it’s clear that she loves them.  Here is the winning entry:...more

Handling Your Nanny's Payroll When She Travels With You

TLC For Kids, Inc has been St. Louis’ premiere nanny and babysitting agency  for over 25 years. Summer is almost here!  If you are taking a vacation with your nanny you should know how to handle her payroll.  If you are looking for a summer nanny to travel with you TLC For Kids can help....more

Turf Wars, Nanny Style: Why Won't They Talk to Me?

We have a lease on our present apartment til December 1st, the plan is that by that time not only will we have a new addition to the family, we will have decided where we want to settle in New York City permanently. It’s not that I don’t like what the Upper West Side (UWS) has to offer -- lots of kid’s classes, parks, proximity to Central and Riverside Parks, the many different playgrounds and cafes, restaurants and stores that cater to kiddies all within walking distance. But there is one big thing that I don’t like: the nannies....more
I have the same problem at my son's gymboree class. When I took my daughter 3 years ago it was ...more

Help! Our Nanny Is Leaving!

Life is complicated. Thank goodness there are experts to help us untangle some of the vexing issues that, well, vex us on a daily basis. The Mouthy Housewives are here to help, three times a week. Today, the Housewives answer an exclusive BlogHerMoms question!...more
What do you do to prepare for the departure of your beloved summer nanny? You have three ...more

Body Art

Upon the conclusion of each day at preschool, the little ankle biters are each stamped on their hands. I don’t know why exactly. Afterall,  we children of the 80s grew up in a world in which we were told not to color on ourselves. Oh, and DON’T wear snapbracelets unless you want to lose an eyeball or something, kids. Later in life, my sister and I both opted to PERMANENTLY draw on ourselves with large-scale tattoos, but we were never so nervey as to Crayola the crap out of our forearms as youngsters. We were rule followers....more

Constituency Services Part 1: Guest Post by U.S. Rep. Erik Paulsen

The Back Story The story about how I got this guest post actually begins years ago....more

The Nanny Files: Finding the “Right Fit” for Your Family

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Help! I Need Somebody - Not Just Anybody

Parents today have many options when it comes to childcare: daycare centers, babysitters, ...more