Taking Time Out For Fun: Remembering Why I'm A Nanny

In this time of dark and light, I spend a lot of time weighing the pros and cons of my life. And now that I’m free to do all sorts of different work, a good friend of mine asked me to help transition her daughter, 2-year-old Kutti (which means Little One, and is a nickname, as are all the names I use for children in my care on this blog to protect their privacy), to being looked after by people other than her family. Kutti is very reserved at first and originally was very shy around me. When a child has been only used to one or two caregivers, it can be very hard to find common ground....more

Daycare Drama: What Makes A Nanny Let A Family Go?

While I love talking about all the wonderful little people who make my life so much more fun than it could be normally, there is another side to nannying that people don’t talk about much. It’s when things don’t work out, and you have to let parents go, or when they have to let you go....more

Yes, Your Child Still Loves You First & Best – A Nanny Attachment Story

On this spring-like morning, I was perusing my Facebook nannying group when I came across this article that someone had posted. It’s called, “He Still Loves Me, Right?” and is about a mother’s worry and jealousy when her child attaches to his caregiver – and might love the caregiver more than he loves Mom. I expected to eyeroll and find a lot of references to “nannies who walk in and take over” and “nannies who are there to steal a child’s love” but in fact, I found myself tearing up....more

How I Know Children Love Me As A Nanny

I’m kicking around the house with a gastritis attack, frowning at the warm weather and really wishing for it to snow. It got really cold a few weeks ago and I really got into the Christmas spirit, but since then, it’s gotten weirdly warm. Some people call it “Indian Summer”, and I guess you really can’t complain about spring-like temperatures in November with lots of sunshine, but I’m a girl who loves snow and ice, and I really hope that Toronto gets a proper winter this year. Anyway, I digress....more

How to Nanny When Kids Don't Like You

Not everyone is going to like you. This includes children – and often, when children don’t like you, you have less time to try to get them to come around before they decide to write you off forever. I’ve had a few cases where children just haven’t liked me (and I haven’t liked them much, either!), and it’s hard. It’s challenging, and you feel wrong for disliking the child, and you also feel a bit rejected and hurt. I mean, I’m a great nanny, here I am trying to bend over backwards to make you happy, and you just don’t like me? Ugh....more

Letter to Glo-Worm

Dear Glo-Worm,It’s our last day together today. I’m going to go and pick you up from daycare in a few minutes, but first I wanted to express some thoughts to you.I know that my words on the page aren’t the same as the sound of my voice, and that virtual hugs aren’t the same as cuddles. I know that there’s a chance we’ll see each other again after this, and there’s a chance that we’ll both go on with our lives. But I couldn’t say goodbye without writing you this letter – I hope you get to read it someday....more

Post-Mortem on Nannying Glo-Worm

When I worked in an office, we used to have post-mortems – meetings and reports that described a past campaign gone by and helped us learn from the routes we chose and the mistakes we made. I’m a huge fan of post-mortems, which literally means “after death”, because I think it’s important to know where I’ve come from and where I’ve yet to go....more

Are Nannies Entitled to Paid Time Off & Benefits?

I recently discovered a caregiver blog that I am totally in love with. MaryP is a Canadian caregiver, like me, except that she runs a daycare and has done so for over 14 years. She’s got a fresh, funny style that I really love, and she’s really informative. Not only is she a culinary genius who cooks all the kids’ meals from scratch, she also has many wry, funny stories that I find myself nodding and laughing along to. So nice to find a blog from another Canadian who really knows her stuff. Her stories are funny and sometimes bittersweet....more

Nanny Admissions: I'm an Emetophobe

One of the things you deal with as a nanny is sickness. Specifically, vomit. And I’m someone who doesn’t deal well with vomit at all. In fact, I’m emetophobic, and it goes beyond being grossed out or not liking vomit (who honestly likes vomit?). Emetophobia can be a debilitating phobia that has at times incapacitated me mentally. It stems from a childhood incident that I’ve subconsciously never forgotten, and has made an impression on me my entire life....more

Return to Professor and Piglet!

I had the opportunity last night to care for Professor and Piglet, my first babysitting charges in Toronto. It seems like forever ago since I came to the family on a beautiful fall day to look after 4-year-old Professor and 14-month-old Piglet. Now they’re big kids of 8 and 5 and they’ve changed a lot. Piglet is no longer a Piglet. She’s a tall, willowy girl of 5 with long blonde hair and a beautiful smile. Professor hasn’t changed much in the way he looks, but his eyes have gotten older and wiser and he’s now up to my clavicle (though I’m not very tall!)....more