Nannies in Fiction and History: Mary Poppins

My friend Anne over at the Belle Jar Blog was helping me this morning as I brainstormed ideas for today’s blog. It’s hard coming up with ideas for every day! Anyway, she told me that what she wanted to see was a series on historical and fictional nannies. Who, exactly, was my inspiration for becoming a nanny?...more

A Change Will Do You Good

Ugh, Monday, Monday, Monday. Boring days here at Glo-Worm’s house, because our regular Early Years Centre is closed on Mondays and up until today, there was really nothing to do but go to the library (which is good for maybe an hour). Today, however, I decided to make the trek a little further to another EYC in the area that we hadn’t been to before. I’m trying to get Glo-Worm to drop her morning nap, and I felt like it would be a better idea to just get out of the house so that she wouldn’t crawl towards the stairs, whining piteously for me to carry her up and put her to bed!...more

The Difference Between Nannying and Babysitting

It’s finally quiet. Glo-Worm, after a morning of screaming over everything, lastly her diaper getting changed, is now peacefully sleeping upstairs. It’s been a rough week – I think Glo-Worm knows that I’m leaving her in less than two weeks. She’s overly clingy, she’s having a hard time transitioning from one activity to another, and she doesn’t want to do anything by herself. I spend most of my days with her balanced on my hip, trying to do things one-handed. Being 15 months old is hard, but it’s part of my job to do my best for her despite my own frustration....more

I Speak Mommy, but I Don't Have Kids

Let me start by saying that I am not a parent. I have never been a parent, and I might not ever be a parent. I’d love to have kids someday, but if I never do, then I never do. I’m at peace with my feelings on parenting and I don’t try to pretend I know more than parents as a group do about children. But I do have to say that it’s really weird to be lumped into a parenting group because of my profession....more
Yes. I spoke mommy long before being one.more

Common Issues When Nannying in Public

I don’t blog on the weekends as a rule, and I was out this weekend at my great-aunt’s funeral, so I didn’t have a lot of time to think about blog posts for the week. But I thought, I get a lot of questions about nanny issues and how we deal with them, that I decided to do a post detailing some of the common issues I run into on a daily basis when in public. Here are five issues I deal with most days when nannying:...more

It's Simple: I'm Gay, or Coming Out To Your Employers

They say the best stories are simple and true in the telling. This is mine.I’m gay.Strictly speaking, I’m bisexual. I have loved men and I have loved women. I am typically more attracted to women, but I have had several boyfriends. I just got out of a long-term relationship with a woman. I’m gay....more

Things To Do Around Toronto With A 1-Year-Old

I’m sitting here typing this in the dark – the electricians are here to upgrade the amperage in Glo-Worm’s house and thankfully, my computer still has a lot of juice left in it, and my iPhone tethers (thank goodness for technology!). It’s loud and I keep casting an anxious ear up to Glo-Worm’s room to listen for her cries, but so far, so good. Maybe she’s finally learned to sleep through noise? Or maybe she’s just tired. Either way, we don’t have most of our amenities today, so we’re going to have to find other things to do....more

Going When The Wind Changes: Leaving Kids I Nanny

I got the email a few days ago. It’s always like that; you get the call, or they pull you aside. You sit down on the couch and look up at them – they’re always standing – and they clear their throats, sigh, and look down at you. There’s always a look of regret. There’s always a flash of pain in the eyes.“She got into daycare. We’re not going to need you after November 1.”...more

The Tantrum

The tantrum, like “the break-up” or “the first time you take an alcoholic drink”, is an epoch in a child’s life. Wow! Now they can tell you exactly how they feel, complete with dramatic performance of anger, sadness and defeat. While the tantrum is a developmental step that shows that your child is emotionally maturing, it’s hard on parents – and nannies. Glo-Worm has lately discovered the intricacies of the perfect tantrum, and all of our ears are ringing....more

Knowing When To Help

My friend Anne at the Belle Jar Blog gave me an article she wanted me to write about. It’s by a mother who has written a letter to other parents at the park, asking them not to help her kids on the park equipment, even if they ask. The author is trying to foster a sense of independence in her children. Anne asked me to comment on this as a nanny....more