Happy Nanny Appreciation Week!

When I was little, I had a lot of different babysitters that looked after us, because my parents went to work. We went to their homes, or they came to us. There were a lot of negative experiences for me, but there are a few sitters who have really stood out to me, and they were the ones that made me want to be a babysitter and a nanny when I got old enough. They were women that were caring, creative, and understanding. They’d sit with me on the grass and look at clouds. I could tell them anything. They were like a best friend and a caregiver all rolled into one....more

Nanny Admissions: On Playing Favourites

I was looking after the twins last night and hanging out with SaraBeth and her husband as I was leaving, as usual, when they mentioned that some of their sitters had a favourite twin. I was gobsmacked.“How can anyone actually pick a favourite twin?” I wanted to know.“Well, we don’t mind if they have favourites,” replied the twins’ father. “People do, you know.”...more

Dealing with Discipline

One of the things that I come up against most often as a nanny is the idea of discipline. Everyone seems to be afraid that a nanny is going to take it too far and turn simple discipline into abuse. I’m here to tell you that that is really not the case in about 90% of cases – most of us would never lay a hand on a child, and never have. I certainly have never spanked, hit, or otherwise manhandled a child. Why? Because it’s not my place. I’ve been given permission to do so, but it horrified me....more

Nanny Admissions: I Used To Be Childfree

I hesitate to share this story because I am worried that it will cause people to dislike me or feel that I have these feelings still, and it couldn’t be further from the truth. But I’m also trying to share more of myself on this blog, and writing about this part of my life might help people to understand who I am today. So. *deep breath*...more

Separating from Separation Anxiety

Although I love all the kids I look after, I occasionally complain about the annoying things my “coworkers” do, and one of those things is separation anxiety. Whenever I do this, my mother laughs and tells me that I was the worst kid to leave with a babysitter because all I did was scream and cry the entire time she was gone. I’m sure she’s getting her dose of schadenfreude out of it all, but I actually remember being so, so upset when I was left with a church nursery worker at the age of 2. Nothing made me happy. Nothing would ever make me happy. All I wanted was my mother to come back....more

Why I Love & Hate Sleep Training As A Nanny

Oh, sleep. It’s something I personally worship. As someone who is a self-admitted night owl, however, morning lie-ins are bliss for me. But as a child, I was completely the opposite. No, I still was a night owl, often staying up long past my bedtime to read under the covers with a flashlight (and yes, that’s why my eyes are currently akin to those of a mole’s), but I refused to sleep in when morning came, causing my tired parents to get up with me constantly. My mother tells a story about me as a baby, staying up most of the night and then sleeping until noon the next day....more

The Sick Day

It was bound to happen – the weather has changed pretty significantly in the last two weeks and we’re now firmly on our way to crisp fall days and cold nights. It’s also brought on a round of colds – Diva and Footballer started with a daycare cold, which spread to their parents and then spread to me. Glo-Worm had a strange week last week – never really sick, but seemingly on the verge of getting sick. She was weak and pale, often shaky after her naps, and very cranky. Either way, whoever gave this virus to me definitely wanted to share!...more

International Nanny Stories – from the Philippines, with Love

Yesterday, I talked about Beverly Hills Nannies and the stuff they go through with the parents they work for. And my wonderful friend Anne from the Belle Jar Blog asked me if I would talk a bit about the fact that while I may have it fairly good, many nannies in Toronto do not.These nannies are international. They are often not white. And they are here because they have no other choice....more
This saddens (and angers) me.  I will admit that I have a very strong reaction to the scenarios ...more

The Best and Worst Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Nanny

To round up Career Advice week (yeah, I totally theme my weeks – I’m so cool!), I decided to touch on questions to ask a potential nanny when you’re interviewing one. Finding the perfect nanny for your family is really hard – you’ve got to find someone who has enough experience and wherewithal to look after your kids the way you’d want them to be looked after, and you’ve also got to find someone that clicks with you, your values, and your beliefs. Interviewing a nanny is like interviewing no other employee – so here’s what to ask and not to ask!...more

The Friend or the Nanny? Where to Draw the Line?

It’s been a bit of a rough morning – I woke up to the stench of cat pee on my pillow (my two girls are having a war over whose territory my bed really is, and it’s getting VERY old), Glo-Worm is doing her every-10-minutes-wake-up for nap today, and my day doesn’t end after nannying – I have to go and babysit Diva and Footballer, so it’s going to be busy!...more