Here a Taste, There a Taste...

Hubby and I took advantage of a professional conference in Napa to get away and spend a great weekend being foodies for our 6th Anniversary....more

Napa Valley Wine Tasting Tips

A Trip To San Francisco Just Isn't Complete Without A Visit To Wine Country...

 Our last full day in California found us in Napa Valley.  OK...I LOVE Napa for many different reasons.  But one simply cannot visit Napa without at least going to one vineyard. ...more

In Vino Veritas: In Wine, There is Truth

“In wine there is the truth.” It’s a latin phrase that refers to the remarkable ability of wine to bring out people’s true feelings. We’ve all been there before: several glasses in, feeling a warm glow, inhibitions wiped away…and the truth comes out—sometimes for the good, other times…well…you might just hope that the truth serum comes with a memory-eraser so you don’t have to relive the silly, embarrassing or awkward moments of truth spurred on by the multiple glasses of liquid courage you just consumed....more

San Francisco and Napa Valley: (some of) The Food!

I had a wonderful trip to San Francisco and Napa Valley!  I joined my husband in San Francisco mid-week (he was there for a conference) and on Friday we drove to Napa Valley to meet our friends, Lisa and Vince, who flew up from San Diego....more

Whitehall. The Other One. Without the Dead Hookers.

On Saturday, I put on my big girl bra and went and met some other real life bloggers at a winery event at Whitehall Lane in Napa....more

"BRIX blasts" highlight produce at the peak of flavor

Flavor is a well-orchestrated symphony of the senses. Nothing beats the experience of sinking your teeth into a perfectly ripe strawberry or a nice juicy peach.  However, sometimes the senses fail us--ever felt the disappointment of  a piece of fruit that looks and smells exquisite, but just doesn’t taste as good as anticipated?  So how can you select fruit that will deliver mouth watering flavor, bite after bite, every time? Fortunately, we have another resource to support our pursuit of flavor…BRIX! ...more

My Favorite Romantic Getaway in the USA

Have any of you been to Napa Valley for vacation? Safe to say it's my favorite travel destination in California for a long romantic weekend. We can't all afford to take a couple weeks off and fly to Tuscany, of course - but the sea breeze, the rolling hills, and the miles upon miles of vineyards make Napa Valley a reasonable substitute. Sure, there's no medieval or ...more

A Fizzy Diversion: Bottle Shock, the movie

  When life gets tedious--that happens often to me this time of year--I love a diversion. A good movie can cure me of the blahs and keep me smiling long after the picture ends. (Photo: Bottle Shock)    ...more