I don't want to but I have to...

It seems that five minutes ago it was Friday.It is Monday late afternoon-early evening.I am home.I have to go back to the city.I have bills to pay.**sigh**The pace here is so peaceful,and so relaxing that I actually managed to get a nap in today, which is really saying something for me. Jim is off to ride his bike and then we slowly will get things together to head on back up.The weather has been gorgeous.Retirement can’t be soon enough....more

Preschool Pointers - 32: Nothing Wrong with Naps

Problem:As kids get older, naps fall to the wayside. They just don’t want to sleep during the day anymore, and that’s okay. It’s part of them growing up. But you’ve noticed without the sleep, your children can get super tired, cranky, ornery or all of the above, and worse, they have no idea why or even that their personalities have changed in the slightest.SOLUTION:...more

Things Are Looking UP

This week has been a very busy week. I've had a lot of freelance work this week which has been GREAT. Not only have I enjoyed doing it, but it's kept my mind busy! I needed to stay busy this week. If you love to read, or if you are an author, you should really check this site out  Momma Says Read. It's a great site, and this weekend is Mommas Big Launch Giveaway Blitz. (Check Momma out on Facebook)....more

To All Those That Don't Nap

This post was originally published at Faking Picture PerfectDear Anyone and Everyone,...more

The Inconvenient Napper

I think I've discovered my oldest son's super power. He can't fly. He doesn't have x-ray vision and he can't lift enormously heavy things. No, no, my son's super power is none of those things. My son Miles, who turns 4 next month, is able to sense the most inconvenient time and occasion to nap and then quickly drop into a sound sleep at that time. ...more

The Naptime Show

I really don't have much to say on the topic.  She is just a wild woman.  No fear.  She didn't even hear me open the door nor did she feel my eyes burning into her back.  You would think she would at least be lying down after her and H just got in trouble.  Why you ask?... to finish this adorabel read visit new2two at  http://new2two.com/?p=1129...more

Reclaim Your Energy in 5 Quick Steps

Do you ever wish you had more energy?  Ha. I know, silly question.  Who doesn't wish they had more energy? Everyone I talk to, no matter if they are parents or single, working or living a life of leisure, ill or not, they have the same goal: they want more energy....more

RIP Afternoon Nap


You have my condolences. A bright spot? They eventually go to school... : )

Marianne ...more

Baby Naps - The Secret to my Success

Getting my newborn to nap was my biggest challenge. He didn't start napping until he was almost 3 months old. I was so sleep deprived I didn't think I was going to be able to continue to take care of him. See how I overcame this in my most recent post:Baby Naps: The Secret to my Success...more

No nap can lead to hyperactivity, depression and anxiety

http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/06/090608071814.htm This is yet another reason that I'm glad my kids nap! Sleep experts say that napping can have a significant positive impact on young children's functioning. Kids b/n 4 and 5 who don't take daytime naps tend to be more hyper and have higher levels of anxiety and depression. Even if you can't make your kids sleep, they recommend at least giving them a quiet rest time during the day. ...more