The Joy of Napping

Robert Fulghum tells us that he learned everything he needed to know in kindergarten. I can't go all the way with him on #1 – Share everything – especially when it comes to Facebook, but I'm a solid believer in #12 – Take a nap every afternoon. (Well, and #9 – Flush.)...more
Ugh, why are naps so great!? My husband makes fun of me because I almost constantly crave naps!more

In Honor of April Fools' Day........

Today is April Fools’ Day and as I do every year, I try to explain to DC that others might be playing pranks on him at work or elsewhere. He does not understand pranks or jokes really, and I always worry that he will be upset if anyone tries to play a joke on him. I usually do this by yelling “Oh My, What is that on your head?” – when he checks his head, I say “I am only kidding, it was a joke” and he laughs. I do also say “April Fools”. I did this a few times this morning and he fell for it every time. He did also laugh every time when I told him it was a joke....more

Don't wake that baby up

In our household I think about sleep a lot: Who is getting enough of it and how to get more quality sleep. I am obsessed over my own sleep as well as that of the bears I live with and help wake up in the morning....more

12-Step Program for Transitioning Off My Daughter's Nap

My name is Megan, and I’m addicted to my daughter’s nap.My youngest is 3 ½ and still takes a nap at least 5 days a week.  I know kids naturally outgrow their naps at different ages (my oldest was 5 and my second daughter 3), but it can be difficult to know when the child is ready. Or when the parent is ready.Her nap has become like a drug: it provides an emotional high for both of us, but the after-effects are not always worth it. Part of me wants to quit it, but part of me can’t let go....more

The End of Naps: Mommy Unglued

 "Pushing your buttons is a spiritual practice, and children are our spiritual teachers. You don’t need an expensive spiritual retreat to become enlightened. Your little sage-teacher is right in front of you, offering you true wisdom free of charge!...more

Tired Beyond Words

Tired Beyond Words.. Filed under: aches, fur girls — Tags: Cape May Promenade,  ...more

Should My Baby Sleep With White Noise?

I've talked about white noise more than once, but I'm always getting questions about it (is it safe?, is it a sleep prop?) so I thought it was about time I gave my (expanded) two cents on it.... continue reading. Rachel,

The Inconvenient Napper

I think I've discovered my oldest son's super power. He can't fly. He doesn't have x-ray vision and he can't lift enormously heavy things. No, no, my son's super power is none of those things. My son Miles, who turns 4 next month, is able to sense the most inconvenient time and occasion to nap and then quickly drop into a sound sleep at that time. ...more

Embrace the Nap!

Dear Sophia,...more

The 6 Minute Nap

Z has stopped taking naps. It's something I started when I lost my job and something that we would like to continue as long as possible. It leads to early and easier bedtimes.Except on Mondays.You see, I try to not take her anywhere after 4 PM as riding in the car usually leads to short naps that wreak havoc upon bedtime. And on Mondays, she has a dance class. At 5:30.Today, after I got off from work, I picked her up after dance class and we drove home....more
It's amazing how six minutes of sleep can completely throw them off their schedule. I remember ...more