National Adoption Awareness Month

<strong>Are you longing for a child … or another child .. to adopt? Has the Lord put it on your heart to begin, or add to, your family? Are you overwhelmed and not sure how to get started on the journey of adoption?</strong>I can relate to the uncertainty.Early in my marriage, we slogged through infertility, then miscarriage.  We took basal temperatures and scheduled our intimacy for maximum fertility.   And still the Lord said, “No.”What began next was an exploration of all the adoption options....more

She's adopted. Yet she's so much like me.

She is so much like me. She's stubborn, tells detailed stories, likes crafts, loves her friends, wants to have a plan, and has perfectionist tendencies....more

Michelle Bachman Wants to Adopt You...

...well, maybe not you specifically , but she wants you to adopt somebody. . Here's her PSA for National Adoption Month (She leaves out the "awareness" part.)  As you'll see in the video and in her House Resolution, she's pushing foster adoption..Oops, link went bad the first try)  It's OK now....more

National Adoption Month: 10 Common Misconceptions about Adoption

November is National Adoption Month in the United States, and although the main purpose of the month is to encourage adoption of children in foster care, all things adoption seem to make the Internet rounds each November. This seems as good a time as any to clear up some of the most common misconceptions people outside of adoption tend to have about it. Here are the ten that came instantly to mind, based on my own experience of talking to people about adoption. ...more
I'm so grateful to have read this.  My husband adopted my daughter whose biological father was ...more

Bloggers Give Voices and Faces to National Adoption Awareness Month

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. Last week and still into this week, the Internet saw an influx of posts by waiting families, adoptive parents, birth parents, adoptees, social workers and agencies talking about their feelings and events regarding the "celebration." While originating as a week to bring awareness to children in foster care in the United States, it was promoted to a month in 1995. ...more
Thank you for this great post and dissection of some of the issues surrounding the month. I, ...more

Oh, Mr. President..............

Amanda  and Von  beat me to the punch.  ...more