Remembering our veterans on Memorial Day

 In the US, we remember the men and women who died while serving in the US Armed Forces.It's called Memorial Day and it is a federal holiday which means no work and for most Americans, an extended vacation....more

Canadian National Anthem Kerfuffle

A couple of weeks ago it came out that a school in Belleisle, New Brunswick decided more than a year ago to stop playing the Canadian national anthem, "O Canada" everyday because some parents had objected to it. What followed was a bunch of people flipping their wigs. Some people flipped at the accusation that the national anthem was "offensive" or "objectionable". Others pointed out that God is mentioned in the anthem, making it less inclusive. Still others wonder what the big deal is? Does the anthem need to be played every day? Is it vital to a child's education? ...more
I think that the national anthem does incite moments of reflection, and respect, which a lot of ...more