Vote With Your Dollar - Today, Every Day

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Buy Nothing Day, Small Business Saturday. Boycott Walmart, but don't forget to support the workers!Are the pressures to both spend and not spend driving you crazy yet? I have a solution for you, which is to make every day of a year a day that you make deliberate and conscious choices about where you spend your money. ...more
"It's just another Friday" -- couldn't agree more.  However, you will not find me at the store ...more

Crafting as Soulcare

It's almost that time of year again--"The Holidays"--and whether you celebrate Christmas (the cultural or the religious variety), Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, Pancha Ganapati, or any other lovely holiday that I've neglected to mention, gifts are probably involved. In my opinion friends, it's time to get your craft on! Crafting gifts expresses care, makes a smaller impact on our world and our wallets, and just generally makes a person feel hygge. How does crafting promote soulcare? ...more

These are all lovely ideas. For some of my sweet soulsisters I'm making matchbox shrines. I ...more