Why I'm Not Participating in National Day of Unplugging

On March 7 and 8, people across the world will participate in a day of unplugging.  But I'm not going to join them.  Sorry, rebooters. ...more

Family Game Night a Great Way to Unplug

 My husband made the greatest purchase of our lives last weekend when he found this Pokemon Monopoly game at a garage sale for a dollar.Did you catch that? It's a Monopoly game about POKEMON!! And my kids are only ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED with Pokemon!...more

The National Day of Unplugging Begins at Sundown

If you are like me, then you probably will have a hard time "unplugging" and living offline for 24 hours. The National Day of Unplugging runs from sundown today, Friday, March 23, to sundown, Saturday, March 24. It's a day to recharge without technology. Instead of connecting on Facebook, pinning or tweeting, we are challenged to connect with each other off screen....more

Abstaining from National Day of Unplugging

"Think about it. A month ago, no one would go on this site because we were worried about getting molested. Or losing our identity. Having it stolen. But now, at a time To Be Determined, all of those problems will be in the past."--The Office ...more