What Will You Do for National Make a Difference Day?

Saturday, October 23rd is a day to change your life. It is the 20th annual "Make a Difference Day," which is also the largest national day of community service. It is sponsored and supported by groups such as Newman's Own, USA Weekend, the Hands On Network and Citi (as in the bank people). It is all about creating a project to do good or helping with one that needs help -- and putting our energy where our hearts should be. ...more

Yep, it made sense to me to just create a habit of it. That way at the end of a year I will have ...more

How Do You Have Fun and Do Good on Your (Gasp, 40th) Birthday?

People have started to ask me how I'll be celebrating my 40th birthday next month: Will I be having a party, or a day of solo contemplation? Will I go on a fabulous trip, or stay home with friends? And what would I like for gifts, or do I want gifts at all? I haven't entirely decided how to celebrate the big day, and would love your ideas about how to celebrate your birthday in a way that is fun and makes a difference. ...more

Hi Merna,

Thanks so much for sharing all of these great ideas!  


Meet Cynthia Derosier who Surfs for Good Causes

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a Social Media Club workshop in Hawaii as part of Podcamp and WordCamp in Hawaii.  I asked folks who was doing interesting social change work with Aloha spirit.   Several people pointed to Cynthia Derosier, author of The Surfer Spirit Book and recently published The Survivor Spirit : The Beauty, Passion, and Power of Breast Cancer Survivors.   I was to track her down for an interview. ...more