Top Ten National Parks for Families

 The carful of kids love to visit the national parks of the United States and we are not alone. According to the National Park Service (NPS) over 307 million people visited our national parks in 2015. ...more

National Parks & Seashores of the East

There's something about summer that makes me want to plan a domestic trip where I spend most of the time in the great outdoors. Last time I wrote about National Parks I focused on camping trips to parks out West. But the Eastern part of the US also has amazing national parks and seashores that are completely worth exploring. ...more
stephliebold  thanks for commenting! I love the western parks but the eastern parks are pretty ...more

2 National Parks of the West to Visit

As our dedicated readers have realized by now, I am quite enamored with the National Parks of the US. In fact I have a goal to visit them all! If you missed it, there was an earlier post on National Parks and Seashores of the East as well as Camping Out West....more

Local Communities Vital to Forest Conservation

By Kristin Drexler, faculty member, Human Ecology and Forestry, School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math at American Public University...more

Will National Park History Repeat Itself?

Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir began the Environmental Movement in 1903.Now, imagine this scene with Barack Obama and Aaron Mair....more

2015 National Parks Free Admission Days

 Heads up!...more

Early Conservation Efforts and America’s Urban Parks

As the final day of National Parks Week has arrived, we reflect on the amazing contributions of the father of American landscape architecture, Frederick Law Olmsted. Born in 1822, Olmsted is credited with designing some of our nation’s most beloved landscapes, urban parks and academic institutions....more

Would You Like Bottled or Tap?

Did you know that a lot of bottled water is actually “tap” water? The documentary “Tapped”, focuses on the lead character — bottled water, and examines whether clean drinking water is a basic human right or a commodity to be bought and sold. Some facts:75% of the planet is covered in water, but only 1% is drinkableapproximately an area the size of Texas of floating plastic covers our oceans...more

Croatian National Parks

Blessed with overwhelming beauty, Croatia is becoming number one destination for world wide travelers....more