Infertile Shouldn't Mean Replaceable

The National Zoo in Washington DC may be getting a new female panda because the one they have hasn't been able to produce more cubs after one successful pregnancy. I can't help but feel sad about this. I am an infertile woman who was successful with treatments the first time around. I am an infertile woman who has not been able to get pregnant again since. The message being inadvertently given by zoo researchers is that this panda is worthless if she can't reproduce. ...more
I sympathize with your infertility problems. Both of my sisters have had trouble getting ...more

Tai Shan: Eats Shoots and Leaves

Panda Fans - brace yourselves: Tai Shan, born at the National Zoo on July 9, 2005 (no bigger than a "Butterstick," his eventual nickname) will be FedExe'd to China Thursday morning, thus concluding Washington's four-year love affair with the only giant panda to survive beyond infancy at the zoo. ...more

I think I must experience this for myself. I am totally open to being swept off my feet by ...more

Keeping it Close to Home

This weekend, my sister and I brought Bess and Harry to Washington, DC for the Green Festival. While we were there, we planned to visit the National Zoo. ...more