The Nearly Insurmountable Fence

At the close of a whirlwind 11.5 hours of being on the Assembly Floor today I had a lot to think about. There is much talk about the length of membership as a delegate or on the board, and I sometimes am saddened that I am so new to this space... I wonder if I am "less than" for not being here for 20 years. In listening to our president (Tlingit and Haida) speak today it reminded me of my own story, and made me proud of a leader who believes in saying yes, and has a passion for the people of his community....more

Coachella & Cultural Appropriation: Please Just Stop

I'm pretty fond of the indie music scene, and am known amongst my friends as a hipster-in-denial (only when it comes to music, I swear). Coachella was something I became aware of last year, a music festival taking place in California. It usually is one of the biggest parties of the year and sets the stage for many indie artists. It's also a hotbed of cultural appropriation—namely, appropriation of Native culture. ...more
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We Are Still Wounded by Wounded Knee

by Jacqueline Keeler TiyospayeNow Here is my latest article at Indian Country Today: We Are Still Wounded by Wounded Knee....more
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The Truth Behind the Thanksgiving Holiday

The Thanksgiving that we all know and love is actually a 19th century creation. By the early twentieth century it was really established as what it is – a family gathering to celebrate blessings. The true history of Thanksgiving is a controversial topic in certain circles. Some believe that the holiday is actually disrespectful to the natives of our land because colonists ended up committing mass genocide and dehumanizing native cultures....more

Native American Wisdom

I thought I'd take a different tack today and post some of my favorite Native American proverbs.  Where known, the tribe of origin is noted.  I hope you enjoy them and perhaps find one that is meaningful for you.Even a small mouse has anger. - Tribe Unknown When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice. -Cherokee...more

Native American Art Wedding Cake

When my dad and his sweetheart announced they were getting married, I was thrilled! They both love Native American art, specifically Haida and Tlingit or Northwest coastal art. Instead of having them order any gluten-free cake for my sister and me, I offered to bring a gluten-free cake. ...more
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The Lakota Inipi

The Lakota Inipi...more

Meeting Ian: New Moon Intentions At Work

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"They Treat Us Just Like Guinea Pigs."

By Alexa Kolbi-Molinas, Staff Attorney, ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project & Robert Doody, Executive Director, ACLU of South Dakota...more

Sovereignty for Native Women: The Tribal Law and Order Act

On Friday, July 30, President Obama signed into law the Tribal Law and Order Act.  It's a milestone in tribal law:  legislation that works to protect Native women by supporting tribal sovereignty –- and thereby enhancing personal and sexual sovereignty, as well. One in every three Native American women will be raped at least once during her lifetime. ...more
Superficially, the The Tribal Law and Order Act sounds good, but the Federal Government of the ...more